Elections Have Consequences

Newly elected, President Obama, when asked to consider a GOP bill said, “Elections have consequences, and I won”. So what are the consequences of our recent election?

Well, here is one you probably haven’t considered.  For those of you holding college degrees, you should ask for a refund.  According to the news pundits, this was an election won by  uneducated, narrow-minded, blue-collar bumpkins.  Really?  If so, they out maneuvered, out strategized and out did all of you highly educated grads.  Maybe you should ask for a refund?

Okay, this is not about college grads versus non-college grads.  This is about the media.  The all-knowing, “UNBIASED” reporters that try to headline the stories themselves.

Early on election night, Donald Trump had 24 electoral votes to Mrs. Clinton’s 8 and held a lead in Florida.  I was watching CNN with Wolfe Blitzer hosting.   The music came up and the screen showed a “Breaking News” graphic and then a shot of Wolfe.  Wolfe in a very excited tone proclaimed Secretary Clinton had taken the lead in Florida.  You could see the excitement on his face.    He knew this was the beginning of the end for Trump and things were going to be okay.  I thought he was having an orgasm on live TV.

I switched between NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and Fox.  As the night wore on and states continued to fall for Trump you could see an obvious shift in the commentators demeanor.  Their early enthusiasm shown during the early exit poles pronouncing it Hillary’s night was gone.  Every network emphasized the non educated electorate driving the Trump victory.  Over and over emphasizing that the voters supporting Trump were somehow second class citizens.  One commentator said America was choosing the dark vision of America over Ms. Clinton’s positive vision.  They talked about Trump dividing America.  Dividing America?  Seriously???  After presenting the majority of the voters as second class, non-educated people, they talked about Trump dividing America!  They continued characterizing Trumps vision as dark and negative.  I’m not sure who I was listening to but I heard him talk about making America great and how it was going to be amazing.  If that is negative and dark I must have missed something they taught in those college classes I didn’t take.

Many of the second class citizens the media were portraying are in manufacturing, as I am.  I was offended!  Manufacturing actually creates something.  They make the things these college educated voters purchase.  They create the products America trades with other countries.  It could be done without accountants, lawyers and consultants with college degrees.  They would not exist without us.

I am NOT being critical of college educated professionals.  Many of my friends hold degrees and life is better with these professional guidance.  Many people in the manufacturing field hold degrees and many educated professional voted for Trump. You can’t categorize people.  everyone is an individual and hold their own importance in our great Nation.  Saying that, I am going to generalize and categorize a group of people.  The Media.  They made no effort to hide their biased during the election.  They chose sides and made an effort to influence the process.  I have only one thing to say to them;

                                        ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.

Just Saying….



Thanks Al

Al Marrufo, our Quality Assurance Team Lead didn’t realize it but he is guest author for this week’s Blog.  He posted the following article on facebook and I am using it for the Blog.  Thanks for the day off Al.


The Slinky

Somehow if the song had gone: “A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing! Everyone knows it’s Industrial Equipment Stabilizers,” it wouldn’t have been quite as catchy.

Yet that was the intended use of the springs naval engineer Richard James was developing in 1943. The sensitive springs were meant to keep fragile equipment steady on ships. Then James knocked one of his new springs from a shelf and, like a kid on Christmas morning, watched it do that famous Slinky walk down instead of just hitting the ground, as Time noted in its all-time greatest toys list last year.

He took the creation home to show his wife, Betty, who saw the potential for a new toy. After consulting the dictionary, a name sprung (sorry) to mind: Slinky, a Swedish term meaning “sleek and sinuous.” By time the toy was demonstrated in front of Gimbels Department Store in Philadelphia, during the 1945 Christmas season, it was clear it would be the Tickle Me Elmo of its time. The industrial machine James had could coil 80 feet of wire into two inches, and hundreds of Slinkys were already being sold.

That’s not all, either: The Slinky has found other uses, including as an antenna by soldiers in Vietnam and as a therapy tool. Whatever the use, everyone knows it’s Slinky.

The Seven Signs of the Apocalypse


Don’t worry this is neither a bible study or end of the world Blog.  I want to talk about the 2016 World Series.  No No No, it’s really not a sports blog either.  This is a blog about History and current events rolled into one.  It’s about a historic event happening as we speak.  Either the Chicago Cubs or the Cleveland Indians will become World Series Champions by November 2nd.

So how is this not a sports blog?  The second longest drought without a world series championship is held by the Cleveland Indians.  It has been 68 years since they last won the championship in 1948.  Impressive as that is the Chicago Cubs have not won a championship wince, 1908, 108 years. The longest drought in Major League Baseball.  They face one another in this years World Series.  One of these teams will break the longest droughts in baseball history.  Talk about making history!

The Cleveland Indians were the feature of a 1989 movie, Major League about an unlikely group of characters making up the Cleveland Indians and winning the American League Championship.  The Indians were a perfect candidate as a team no one believed would reach a league championship. They became the American League’s punch line for many jokes. No jokes this year.  Under the watchful eye of their mascot, Chief Wahoo, the Indians had the second best record in the American league and swept their way into the world series.  There is no doubt this is a team that deserves their place in championship.  GOOO WAHOOO!

Not to be outdone, we have the Cubs.  108 years since their last championship.  a sports record.  Cubs fans have long been convinced this is due to a curse.  The Goat Curse.  During the 4th game of the 1945 World Series, Billy Goat Tavern owner, Billy Sianis was asked to leave the game because the smell of his pet goat, Murphy was making other fans sick.  (Yes, he took the goat to the game).  Leaving, Sianis cursed the Cubs, saying “The Cubs aint gonna win no more”.  The curse has followed the cubs ever since. Over the years Cubs fans have brought goats to the games tying to break the curse to no avail.  Maybe 2016 is the year the curse is lifted.  Chicago had the best record in baseball with an impressive 103 wins.  They are a young team with incredible talent.  The question is, is that enough to lift Murphy’s curse?  GOOO CUBS!!!!

Regardless of the outcome this is an exciting time for all sports fans.  For the die-hard fans of the Indians and Cubs, that never gave up hope, it’s been a long time coming. For one team this will be the sweetest championship ever.  For the rest of us (I’m a die-hard Cardinal fan) it’s still exciting.  Outside of my Cardinals I can’t think of any other two team I would like to see play.  The two longest droughts in World Series Championships are playing for the crown.  The only thing left is to


Just Saying……




“And the Award Goes To…”



That’s right, Ebsco Spring.  Ebsco received the “2016 Manufacturing Excellence Award for Training Innovation”.

In one year, Ebsco implemented the AS9100 Quality Management System.  This was a tremendous achievement.  Every process was touched by the change and several new processes were implemented.  It was a major accomplishment.  It required training for every team member.

The timing was perfect as we will receive our final certification audit this week.

I am very proud of the Ebsco Team.  Change is difficult but everyone embraced the changes and worked hard to perfect the new procedures.  Words like FOD and HPQC became part of the everyday vocabulary.  existing skills were re-trained and expanded to meet the new requirements.  It wasn’t easy. Everyone came through and stepped up to the challenge.

Congratulations to the Ebsco Team.

Color Blind

This past week I did the unthinkable.  I ran out of gas.  I knew I could make right up to the point the tachometer slipped to zero as we raced down highway 75.  With my wife in the car we coasted onto an off ramp that curled up and over the highway.  The car slowed to a stop at an isolated intersection in north downtown.  This is an area with NO gas stations anywhere near our location.  We were stranded.

The very next car that pulled up stopped.  The driver rolled down his window and asked if we needed help.  Cheryl explained our dilemma to the young man in the car.  He said, “I have a gas can at home.  I’ll run home to get it and be back shortly,”  YES!  We’re saved!  Did I mention the young man was African-American?  Did I mention this was only a few days after the unarmed African-American man was shot and killed by a white police officer here in Tulsa? Did I mention this was at the same time they were rioting in Charlotte after another African-American man was shot and killed by the police?  Did I mention this was at the same time that many African-Americans hated white people?  Did I mention the driver was an African-American and I am Caucasian?

We waited for a while and he had not returned.  Did he have second thoughts helping white people?  NO!  He soon pulled up and apologized for taking so long.  He didn’t have a gas can at home, so he went to QT, purchased a can, paid for gas and came to our rescue.  Cheryl and I did not have cash on us, so we had already written a check to give the young man.  As I poured the fuel in the car Cheryl handed the check to the young man and thanked him.  He would not accept the check.  He paid for the gas can and the gas out of him own pocket and would not accept the check for his good deed.  We both insisted.  If he did not want the money, take it and pay it forward to someone else. We discovered he had a young daughter and insisted he use it for her.  Cheryl, with tears in her eyes thanked the man and told him with the current events he could not be blamed for not wanting the help a stranded white couple yet he did.  She told him that his act of kindness gave her hope that we could someday get beyond the divide we faced and gave him a hug.  He then followed us two miles to make sure we made it to the gas station.  He took his time and his money to help us out.  He did not see an older white couple.  He saw people in need and responded.

I want to make it very clear that I have the greatest respect for law enforcement.  I think most would lay down their lives to save anyone of any color.  They are my heroes.  But I also know there is a problem.  African-American citizens are truly afraid of the police and with reason.  To not admit there is a problem would require you to ignore the facts. Years back I had a close friend who happened to be African-American.  He was graduating from Tulsa University with a degree in accounting, was a management member with the Walgreen company, married and had two kids.  He was pulled over with his wife and kids in the car.  The police took him out of the car and had him lie face down on the street.  After checking his identity he was released and told he looked like a suspect they were looking for.  Laid on the street in front of his kids and wife.  Looked like a suspect they were hunting?  I’m sure he did if they didn’t look past his color.

We see what we want to see.  The eyes see everything but the brain is more selective.  Our brain allows us to see only what we want to see.  When the young man stopped to help me, did I see a “Black” man or did I simply see a young man?  Would I recognize him if I spotted him on the street.  Did I see his eyes and his face or did I just see BLACK.  I hope I saw more than his color.  He didn’t see a white couple.  He saw people who were in need. It’s okay to see skin color as a trait no different from eyes or hair but to only see skin color and nothing more is the problem we currently face.

In a conversation since this police shooting, someone said “well if they weren’t in those type of situations in the first place this wouldn’t happen.”  “THEY”?  Who is “THEY”.  I knew exactly what he meant.  He saw only color.  I was so proud of my wife.  She spoke up immediately.  She re-framed the issue not as a matter of color but as a matter of reactions.  She made it about individual actions and not about the color of people’s skin. She spoke of a friend at the table who had a mixed race son and the fears he must have.  She stood up for what was right. She saw past color.

I’m afraid that if I were a young African-American I would not have been able to look past the skin color of the stranded motorist the other day.  I would be angry and want to lash out.  I would want people to know that as proud as I was about my race it did not define me but was a part of who I am.  I would not have been able to be as color blind as the young man who rescued us.  Prejudice is a horrible thing.  We group individuals and then minimize them to make ourselves feel stronger.  We mask our personal short comings by devaluing others.

I hope I’m a little better person because of the young man who saved us, who happened to be African-American.  I hope the love he had in his heart for his fellow-man is contagious to all of us.  I have hope that things will get better because of him.  I have hope that we will all be a little more color blind and see people for who they are and not what color they are.

Just Saying…..



The Ebsco Way

There is a book by Jeffrey Liker called “The Toyota Way”. It has great insights into how Toyota has been such a success and revolutionized manufacturing.  One of the strongest points I took from he book was that it was TOYOTA’s way.  The strategies used by Toyota were the right strategies for Toyota at the point they were used.  I have blogged about this before.  This is not to say there is nothing to be learned from Toyota.   There is a great deal.  The key is to study the culture and the methods to determine the solutions, not the solutions themselves. Hence why this blog is titled The Ebsco Way.

I have recently been reading a book by Mike Rother title “Toyota Kata”.  As in the other book there is a strong emphasis on what is right for Toyota at that time.  The book focuses on the culture Toyota uses to obtain their solutions.  Although most of the solutions will have little benefit for other companies, the method used to discover those solutions are interchangeable to all companies.  The Ebsco Way.

In Japanese behavioral trends or procedures are called KATA. It is not guiding principle to steer decisions.  Toyota Kata is the actual process or way of thinking used to determine solutions. Kata is a method used to keep thoughts and actions in synch with outside, unpredictable events. Toyota Kata is the cornerstone of their continuous improvement.

It is part of our culture at Ebsco that safety is not something we do, It is part of Everything we do.  Many companies look at safety as a separate department or team within the organization. This group is tasked with identifying risks, mitigating the risks, communicating and training the employees.  At Ebsco these are all elements of our safety program but safety is part of everything we do.  With every task and process safety is included with every movement and decision.  Toyota Kata does the same thing with continuous improvement.

Most companies put a great effort into continuous improvement.  They form Kaizen events, do value stream mapping, build 5S programs.  All of these are essential elements to continuous improvement.  Toyota goes one step further.  Continuous improvement isn’t something they do, it is part of everything that they do.  Toyota has realized that their processes are not performed in a vacuum.  As major continuous improvement projects are created, goals established, resources allocated, and training provided the world around the project does not sit still.  By the time the project is implemented things have changed and many of their solutions may no longer fit.

Toyota’s solution is to build the improvement process into everything they do.  Toyota defines where they are now and where they want to be.  The path between those points is uncertain.  They established benchmarks moving toward their goal and then begin making decisions to meet those benchmarks.  The decisions and changes to reach their benchmarks come from everyone.  The Kata or process pushes the responsibility for improvement down to everyone in the organization.  The changes are made in real-time, moving with the inevitable change surrounding their decisions.  Steps are made that fit the situation as it stands at that moment in time.  This allows Toyota to come up with the best solutions for their situation at that exact time.

Ebsco has had so much success with our Kata or method in our safety program. The entire ebsco team has accepted responsibility for safety.  It is a natural evolution to do the same with improvement.  Instead of dictating changes to the team. ebsco will need to communicate a clear vision of where we want to be, empower and encourage EVERYONE to provide direction through the uncertain path and then support their contributions.  It is basic synergy.  The sum of the parts will be greater than their individual value.  This will allow Ebsco to leverage its greatest resource, our people.

So what is the Ebsco Way?  What will be Ebsco’s Kata?

  • We will accept that no one or no group has all the answers.
  • We will utilize our greatest asset, our team members.
  • We will clearly communicate where we are and where we want to be.
  • We will accept the challenge that our very survival depends on us finding better ways
  • We will realize that the best solution is only relevant to that specific time and circumstance.
  • We understand that the path from where we are to our goal is unclear.Synergy
  • We realize that everything surrounding us does not stand still and change is the only certainty.
  • We will empower and expect every team member to contribute to the process.

That is the Ebsco Way.  I’m sure glad I don’t work for the competition.

Just Saying……..



The Legacy of 9/11

Today is 9/11/16.  Fifteen years after the terrorist ripped out the heart of the American people.

I reflect today on what the legacy of 9/11 is.

We have killed Bin Laden.  We have taken the war to the terrorist in the Middle East.  We have captured and killed thousands of our enemies.  But have we won?

The United States is more divided now, than it has been in many years.  This can be traced directly back to 9/11.

We have NFL players sitting during the National Anthem as a protest.  We talk of building walls to protect our borders against a people who are part of the very fabric of our country.  We talk of banning people of the Muslim faith, associating them with those who perpetrated 9/11.  We have riots and shoot police officers for the actions of a few.

We seem to have lost the ability to identify an individual and only look at people as a race or a religion.  We project the acts of a few individuals onto entire populations.  We see only color or only faith and not the person.  Muslims and Blacks and Hispanics and Asians and Gays and Whites and Police Officers and Firefighters ALL gave their lives in the towers on 9/11.  Muslims and Blacks and Hispanics and Asians and Gay AMERICANS all sacrificed their lives in the Middle East fighting back against 9/11.

What is the legacy of 9/11.  It is that in trying to remember, we forgot.  We forgot what it was like on 9/12 and 9/13.  Immediately after 9/11 I saw a country undivided, standing together with tolerance and acceptance of ALL Americans.  We were all Americans that day.  I remember commenting how badly the terrorist had lost.  How their actions had brought everyone together and made this country stronger.  They had lost in those days immediately following 9/11.

But now I must ask myself if they won.  In trying to never forget 9/11, we have forgotten the one positive thing that came out of that day.  We forgot the strength we felt united as one Nation.  We forgot the acceptance and kindness that showed to the world how great America truly is. We forgot that the terrorist did not discriminate.  They killed Americans, of every color, religion and life style.  We forgot that we stood together as survivors,  as the victims died together.

If we continue down this path the terrorist have won. Not because we have given up some liberties in the name of protection,  Not that we have made traveled a hassle.  We have lost because we are a weaker country, divided and un-trusting of the world around us.

I understand the fears and emotions of those who stand firm in these beliefs.  I understand those who have personally suffered loss and want to place blame.  What I do not understand is the rest of us, not personally experiencing a loss, out of fear, casting blame on groups for individual actions.  People do bad things, not religions or races.

If America is to win against the terrorist we must find a way to recapture those feelings on 9/12.  Look at individuals as people and not as groups.  We must come together as a Nation of diversity that is stronger for it.  We must look to others across the globe as people.  People that face many of the same challenges as us and understand.  Accepting of our differences and embracing that which is in common.

The Statue of Liberty is a proud symbol of America.  It is the beacon that has guided so many to America both physically and figuratively.  It’s time that we all look to Lady Liberty and that which has made this nation great.  United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Just saying…….



It’s in the News

Oil Jobs Are About To Come Flooding Back In A Big Way, Financial Analysts Claim

boereport.comAnalysts at Goldman Sachs claimed Thursday the oil industry is on the cusp of a turnaround a…

Halliburton says the next boom in Oklahoma is right around the corner….

Halliburton signals U.S. oil drilling revival

Halliburton signals U.S. oil drilling revival


koco.com  KOCO  Oklahoma City    The long-awaited rebound in U.S. drilling may be near.
Just Now: 60 Oilfield Job Openings Across America | TX, OK, LA, ND, PA, CA

Just Now: 60 Oilfield Job Openings Across America | TX, OK, LA, ND, PA, CA

oilfield1.comTexas Field Technician SOAR Consulting – Texas $1,048 a week Company vehicle pro…

Energy Prices Are On Their Way Up

Would you agree that a former president of Shell Oil knows a thing or two about the energy business? I thought you would, which is why I invited John Hofmeister to join me on my podcast. Here are five insights on energy today from this proven leader:

The price of oil will reach $80 a barrel this year and possibly go as high as $100 a barrel in 2017. The world’s most populous nations – India and China – are using cheap oil to grow their economies. And they’re not the only ones. So are many countries in Africa. Global demand on this level has to push the price up.


Is it really coming?  The recovery of oil prices?

There are indicators that a recovery is near.

  • Companies have reduced the cost of horizontal drilling making domestic drilling more competitive.
  • Energy reserves are falling
  • Leading oil producing nations, primarily the Arabs and Russia are meeting in September and have expressed support to curtail production, thus raising oil prices
  • T. Boone Pickens said it is going to happen

Some pretty compelling arguments that oil prices are headed back up.  August prices have already surged to over $50 a barrel.

The fall in oil prices have financially devastated oil producing states.  The price collapse has lasted so long that financial collateral damaged has occurred across the country.  Energy is one of America’s largest industries.  Energy fuels America in more ways than one.  We need a healthy energy industry to drive our economy.

The recovery of the oil industry can’t happen fast enough for me.  Even if it means $3 a gallon at the pump.  $1 a gallon gas isn’t worth much if you don’t have a job or are dealing with hour cuts.


Just Saying….



The Ebsco Spring Lean Dictionary



No I’m not talking about a dictionary that is leaning to one side.  I’m talking about a dictionary of some of the continuous improvement manufacturing terms you see in my blogs.  This is not the “official” definitions of these terms.  This is my, simple Okie explanation of what these terms mean.  So here it goes.

Lean  Lean itself is a method attempting to identify everything that is not needed in your production process.  You seek out anything that the customer isn’t willing to pay you for. It looks at what is called the eight wastes (some say the seven wastes)

     Transportation Waste:  Moving things too far or too often

     Inventory Waste:  Making more than is immediately needed. It ties up resources in time, space, money and manpower.

     Motion Waste: Un-needed movement, reaching, lifting, bending, twisting.  Staging things properly the first time saves movement.

     Waiting Waste:  People or machines waiting for anything.  Waiting on parts, people, information or maintenance.  Anything that stops the flow.

     Over Production Waste:  This one is simple. Making more parts than are immediately needed. It ties up money, space and manpower.

     Over Processing Waste:  Making parts beyond the quality the customer wants.  Tighter tolerances or up-graded materials.

     Defects Waste:  Just what it says.  Making mistakes that create defective parts.

     People Waste: The under-utilization of people.  Not training or using your team to their full potential.


Kaizen Event  A group of employees, teamed up over a short period of time (often a week) to look at one specific problem, investigating and offering solutions.


Continuous Improvement  The key to all of Lean.  Continuous Improvement is a commitment and method that requires the organization to constantly looking for better ways to do things with a method to document and repeat those improvement to ensure they continue.


Work Cell  A close proximity grouping of machines, tools, material and people to perform one assembly.  Multiple processes are combined around a single product in a tight layout with all efforts focused on that one single product.


Batch Processing  The movement of parts, from one process to another in a large group versus one piece at a time.  Handing pieces from one process to another, individually, with no waiting is the goal of Lean.  When this is not possible, small batches of the entire order, passed on with no waiting is the next best solution. It eliminates other processes waiting for the entire order to move forward.


One Piece Flow  The method of handing each part to the next process as soon as completed without interruption.  Parts  move from one process to the next with no waiting. All though not always possible it is always the goal of Lean Production.


Value Stream Map  Value Stream Mapping is the review of the movement of , material, parts, People and information from the first customer contact through customer delivery.  It includes material delivery, storage and every aspect of the journey.  It then attempts to identify WASTE in the process and refine it to only activities that add value to the customer.  Value Stream Mapping attempts to identify the way things are now, The Current State, Imagine what the ideal process would look like, The Future State and then create a plan to move toward that ideal, Continuous Improvement.


5S  5S is a method to organize the work space, providing only what you need in the best location at all times.  It is an organization method that focuses on identifying the best layout, creating it, maintaining it and then look for ways to improve that, over and over again.  Many organizations do this once and think they have 5S.  The key is to continue repeating the process to achieve continuous improvement.


These are just a few of the terms.  At Ebsco we try to stay away from all these “buzzwords” and call it what it is.  It’s so easy to get caught up on the terms and fall short on what you are really trying to accomplish.  The bottom line is Lean Processing attempts to provide the customer exactly what they want, when they need it with no waste.  This allows you to sell your product for the least amount possible (competitive pricing) and still show a profit to remain in business.  Companies that refuse to participate in Lean Manufacturing will be noncompetition and fail.  The ones that succeed will see profitable growth and continuously improve to remain in business for years to come.

Ebsco is one of those companies.  We do not always use all of the trendy terms I defined above but continuous improvement is built into our culture.  It is the method we use to address everything we do.  Our continuous improvement culture is why we have moved to the stringent AS9100 Quality System and the results of our continuous improvements were the reason we were able to achieve this high standard.


Just Saying……………





Why Is Quality So Important?

catastophyI wrote in last weeks Blog that Ebsco was certifying to the as9100, aerospace quality standard.  as 9100 adds requirements to Ebsco’s process.  The certification cost more than ISO 9001.  It means a great investment by Ebsco to make springs.  ISO 9001 is accepted by all of Ebsco’s current customers.  It is the same standard most of our customers are following.  Most of our competitors are ISO 9001 certified. So why go to the extra expense?


We don’t always know the final application our springs will be required to perform.

Some we do:

  • Pressure relief valves in refineries.  These valves are designed to release pressure in lines when they reach dangerous levels.  The spring is set at specific load and when that is reached the spring compresses allowing the high pressure to release before causing an explosion. Often, these spring will never work over their lives.  They sit there inside their valves, never to be needed.  The key is when they are needed, They MUST work.  Without our springs releasing the pressure bad things happen at the refinery.
  • Gun control unit, F-16 fighter.  The F-16 fighter is one of the most widely used combat aircraft in the world.  It is the backbone of US and NATO air forces.  Our springs are part of the gun control unit.  Failure would mean that pilots loose the use of one of their primary weapons.  A weapon they use for their own protection and to protect troops on the ground.  Failure could mean lives lost.
  • Safety monitoring equipment on deep-sea drilling platforms. Safety switches sense vibrations and other signs of equipment failure.  This is critical in Deep Sea Drilling Rigs.  The springs are used as sensors and triggers to close contacts and shut down failing equipment.  Without these safety devices faulty equipment can create catastrophic problems on the platforms and start fires.  A fire on a deep-sea drilling platform is the worst case scenario.
  • Hydraulic valves on heavy construction equipment. The construction industry runs on hydraulic power.  Hydraulic power allows machinery to lift more and dig deeper than ever thought possible.  When lifting and moving heavy loads, machinery can’t fail.  Ebsco springs control the flow of fluid through these valves.  A faulty spring will cause a hydraulic line to close, robbing the power from that portion of the equipment.  You don’t want things to stop working with several tons swinging over the job site.
  • Crude oil pipeline valves. Ebsco springs are part of the mechanism in valves that are required to stop the flow in pipeline valves.  A spring failure would cause the valve not to close. In an emergency situation these valves would stop the oil pouring out of a damaged pipeline onto the surrounding land.  A spring failure could cause a giant ecological disaster.

I’m not even mentioning the economics of one of our spring failing.  The cost of a multi-million dollar construction machine or an aircraft out of service due to a failed spring.

Why is quality so important to Ebsco?


That’s why quality is so important to Ebsco

Just saying……………


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