We are a couple of weeks from the mid-term elections and it is politics at its best.

Several packages have been found at leading Democratic Party leaders and outspoken liberals homes.  They were sent in the US Mail.  They are crude devices, many probably not functional but all are capable of hurting and even killing.  I have heard several “conservatives” suggest the democrats set them to fire up the voting base.  WHAT?  SERIOUSLY?  They are mailing leaders in their own party bombs to drum up support???  Really?  Of course the Dems are finger-pointing and using the episode to drum up votes in their party.

CONCLUSION:  “They are all crazy!”

Supposedly the Russians are meddling in the process to either influence the outcome or more likely undermine voter confidence in the system.  And now they claim the Chinese have jumped on the band wagon also.  As far as influencing the outcome, I feel certain that both sides are equally as unqualified for the job as the other.  I really couldn’t see any benefit for Russia to elect either one over the other.  Regarding undermining voter confidence, the best and easiest strategy for that is to stand back and allow both parties to speak.  That’s all Russia and China needs to undermine voter confidence.

We, as a Country have become so polarized that it is impossible to achieve anything.  I sometimes wonder if our elected officials have created this great divide so that none of them are ever held accountable for finding  solutions to anything. The more the divide widens the less we are able to hold any of them accountable. They make long-winded speeches on the floor to no one other than the CSPAN cameras. With such polarity they can claim to support anything, knowing that nothing will pass.  They stand up and claim nothing is getting done due to the other guy, never taking responsibility for their own actions.

Maybe if the Russians and Chinese meddle enough they can end up fixing things. Even our supreme court is mired in the conservative / liberal mindset.  The supreme court, supposed to be beyond reproach. They are supposed to be the last defense against politics making decisions on the facts alone as they relate to the case, not ideologies. Nothing is further from the truth.

We as the Bosses. The system is designed for us to run it.  We chose our representatives.  The problem is we are confronted with two choices, liberal or conservative.  Either choice will prolong our current situation.  It is important to maintain your values, but it is equally important to acknowledge that others have values also.  Accepting and attempting to understand others values is the key to start closing the gap.  We need to start listening and understand what others values are. We may find that others actual care as much as we do and that they have some great ideas to move America forward.  Even at its worst, democracy is still the best program in the world.






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