If you are not married you get a pass from this weeks Blog.  This one is for the married readers.

Believe it or not, I am a licensed reverend.  Hard to believe, I know.  I was ordained on-line to do a wedding ceremony for a friend.  I have performed a few ceremonies since being registered.  I do not do it for money.  I only perform ceremonies for friends.  I feel it a great honor to play a role in such an important day.

I am completing my preparations for a ceremony this afternoon.  A little nervous and a lot excited.  As officiator of the ceremony, you are expected to say a few words to the bride and groom.  I take this serious and try to give them some advice they can use.  I wanted to share my words for today’s ceremony with everyone.  I believe they can help other married couples as well.

Life can be difficult and our marriage can’t be isolated from life.  Everything impacts our relationship, the good and the bad.  Sometimes these difficult times even challenge our relationship.  We get angry at our partners.  If we would take a breath and think back to the time we were standing at the altar ready to take our vows.  Think of how your love for them consumed you.  Think of how excited you were for the future you were starting.  You were overwhelmed with emotions.  If you can think back and let those feeling back in, the anger you feel will wash away.  The issue you were upset over will seem much less important.  You will have your priorities back in-line.  What ever small issue that drove you to anger will fade away replaced by those feeling on that special day.

Life is serious and should be taken so.  Take life seriously, never take yourself seriously.  Do not get consumed by everything as it floods in on you.  Your time on this earth is limited and you don’t want it spent worrying about things, most of which you can’t influence.  HAVE FUN!  What is life worth without FUN.  Laugh and smile with your significant other, poke fun (carefully) at each other.  Let yourselves be kids again and blow off the distractions.  having fun is an important key to your marriage, your job, your kids and your life.  Peter Pan learned this lesson.  On returning to Never Never Land he found the child that he had buried inside himself.  Don’t bury that child.

My two cents for what they are worth.  I hope they have some meaning for others in addition to the bride and groom today.

Just Saying………

Wish me Luck today



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