In ancient Greece, man attributed their evolution and daily path of their lives to the Gods.  There were several Gods, each having complete control over different elements of their lives.  Zeus controlled the skies, Poseidon the oceans, Demeter agriculture, Ares war, Athena wisdom, war and the useful arts, Hera marriage, mothers and family and many, many more.

Modern man looks to science and technology as their “gods”.  We look for shelter from cold and heat and the science gods grant us air conditioning and heat for out structures.  We are driven to explore the heavens and they provide us rockets and satellites.  We wish to reach out and communicate with mankind and we are given cell phones and the internet.  People wish to travel and discover new lands and the gods provide us ships, planes and autos.  The gods provide for their subjects.  We, their loyal subjects worship the gods of science and innovation for their gifts.

Mankind is confident that their gods will protect and provide for them as they are all-powerful in the universe.

I spent much of last weekend utilizing one of these god’s gifts to us, television.  I, with millions of others was glued to the Weather Channel watching the pain and destruction unleashed by Florence.  Winds that ripped and destroyed structures, oceans that came on shore, consuming everything in its path.  Water from heaven dumped into our streets and claimed our homes.  Where are our gods?  Why have they forsaken us?  Why have the gods of science not established control of this beast?

As we worship our gods of science and assume they will always protect us from anything, Mother Nature imposes her mighty powers.  Just as ancient man learned that their gods did not exist. Mother Nature reminds us that our modern-day gods are not all-powerful.  Our modern gods can help us build structures to withstand wind and rain, build levees and dams to hold the waters but they will never control the awesome power of Mother Nature.  Hurricanes in the Carolinas, Volcanos in Hawaii, Flooding in Oklahoma City, Tornadoes in the mid west and earth quakes in California.  Mother Nature condescendingly dismisses our gods as she unleashes her power.

As mankind continues to dismiss Mother Nature and places their future in the hands of their gods of science, Mother Nature will continue her wrath.  If you are a true believer of your gods of science, placing your head in the sand like an ostrich, not accepting mankind’s effect on mother nature than skip the rest of this Blog and go listen to Rush Limbaugh.                                                                                                                                                                     Man continues to dismiss Mother Nature and her awesome power.  We continue polluting our environment and abusing the very resources she provides,  And as we do, she will continue to show us the error of our ways.  They say with the warming of our seas that Hurricanes will continue to grow stronger, larger and move slower, creating greater destruction.  If we continue to pump waste into the earth from our drilling, Mother Nature will continue to shake the very ground under our feet.  We build man-made islands in the ocean for an airport and watch a the structure sinks.  We fill in the bay in San Francisco and build structure on the debris and wonder why they are so vulnerable to earth quakes.  We build, live and work on the river in New Orleans where the ground is lower than sea level and wonder why it floods.  We pollute and abuse the environment and Mother Nature responds.

Mother nature is the true “god”  She has given vast resources and beauty for us to use.  She is there to care for her subjects as they felt the ancient Greek gods had.  She is forgiving and offers us everything we need.  When we continue to ignore her and abuse everything she has given us, she, as a loving parent will correct us.  And as we continue down this path, not heeding the warnings from our loving parent, she will continue to more forcefully remind us.

I am not an environmentalist, far from it, but I am smart enough to hear the warnings from mom.  I acknowledge the gifts she give us and listen to her warnings of using them properly.  Everything in moderation.   I also acknowledge the benefits of our false god, science and technology.  Science is not a god but tool of humanity.  The world has much to offer us, only if we do not lose sight of the true force of our universe, Mother Nature. I am not going out to hug a tree but maybe will not cut that tree down because I want the space.  I am not going to stop driving my car but maybe look more to electric for my lawn tools and be opened to electric cars in the future.  I am not going to start my own compost bin but will commit to doing better at recycling.

As our own moms, Mother Nature gives us everything and asks so little in return.  It’s time we start treating mom with the respect she deserves.

Just Saying…….



About Ebsco Spring Company

Ebsco Spring Company manufactures precision springs. Ebsco Spring was established in 1941 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Ebsco Spring manufactures custom springs for a wide variety of industries including fluid power, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, medical and others.

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