The list if the  Seven Wonders of the World was created around the first to second century BC.  The list represented the seven greatest architectural, technological feats of the ancient world.  The original list was:

The Great Pyramid of Giza

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Temple of Artenis

Statue of Zeus at Olympus

Mausoleum at Hallcarnassus

Colossus of Rhodes

Lighthouse of Alexandria

Since their has been some slight modifications, including the addition of the Great Wall of China. Of the original seven, only the Great Pyramid of Giza still stands.  The Hanging Gardens of Babylon have never been located and many wonder if they ever existed. The remainder have all been destroyed.

Manifesting the ultimate power I posses as author of this blog (well at least of what I write here) I offer you:

Todd’s Seven Wonders of Our World Today

  1. Driverless Cars  Although I am personally not a great fan, having a passion for driving this holds to be one of the greatest advancements of current time.  Personal transportation available to everyone regardless of capabilities.  Accident free commuting.

2. Commercial Space Flight This includes both manned and unmanned flights carried out by for profit private companies.  It has already started.  Private companies will launch satellites for extremely lower costs than government  programs.  Owning and operating a satellite will become available to thousands of companies for the first time.  We will see a communication and new technology explosion as more people have access to these sophisticated tools.  Manned space flight promises a new era in world travel.  With trips around the world in an hour and future flights venturing to manned space stations orbiting the earth and even to the moon.

3.  3-D Printing  We have only scratched the surface of this new technology.  In the future it will change who and of what we make everything.  Individuals will have the ability to manufacture many items out of new materials.  They have already made an automobile using a 3-D printer.  Maybe you will download and print your next house.

4. The Silicon Chip  This small insignificant product pressed out of sand has paved the way for personal computing.  The silicon chip is responsible for launching the current wave of technology.

5. Smart Phones  Everyone has one.  It impacts every aspect of our lives. Smart aps to monitor the traffic, the weather and the news. Multiple ways to communicate.  The ability to surf the web.  It’s hard to imagine current life without them.

6. The Internet  This one should be obvious to everyone.  Facebook, Twitter, Amazon all exist because there is and internet.  It has revolutionized almost every aspect of out lives. It has enabled some of the greatest technological revolutions of all time.

7. The Keurig  I know, I know BUT IT’s my list and I can put anything I want on it.  I LIKE COFFEE.  I like FRESH coffee.  I have a Keurig at home and one at work on my desk.  I don’t even need to get up to get a fresh cup.  Freshly brewed, one cup at a time.  For me that’s a wonder.

So that’s my list.  I think their may be some debate, especially over item seven but for the most part I think people will agree.  If you don’t agree. write me back and tell me what you would change.  I probably wont change anything but I’m sure you will feel better arguing with me.

Just Saying…




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