This seems to be the new National Slogan.  America has developed to the point of absolute immaturity and childishness.  My only questions is; “Is this on our way up to adulthood, or on our way down to our demise?”

America has become a nation of entitlement and intolerance.  Americans expect everything their way without putting forth the time and energy to truly understand the consequences of their actions.  We seem to have no time to consider alternative courses presented by others, quickly dismissing them and resorting to name calling.  We have become spoiled teenagers.

We celebrate our right to free speech as celebrities stand up proclaim they have thought about blowing up the White House?  Our President, who I support many of his ideas, sends texts, calling judges names that do not support his efforts.


The strength of America is rooted in a democracy that is inclusive and through that inclusiveness brings the best ideas from all of us together.  It requires compromise.  Individually we are no better than ourselves but together we are more than the sum of our parts.  Competing ideas are melded into new concepts that drive the American spirit.  It is this cooperative, competitive spirit that has allowed America to stand out among nations.  It is the force that drove America to victory in WWI and WWII.  It is the source of our innovation and invention.  It is the essence of who we have become. America found a way to tap the creativity of the  individual and still harness the resources of the masses.

America has melded the creativity of the individual spirit and the raw power of the masses.  This “Great Experiment” will not survive entitlement and intolerance.  Entitlement drains the need for individual excellence and intolerance takes away any power offered by the masses.

Americans need a time out.

We need to reflect on what has brought this country to its greatness.  I have little faith this will come from our elected leaders.  They seem to be leading the charge toward our current path.  Americas course correction will need to come at the individual level.  It must come from each one of us.

My solution is simply as follows.

  1. Stop whining!  Life isn’t fair.  It was never intended to be.  We each play with the hand we are dealt to the best of our OWN abilities.  Don’t wait for someone else to solve your problems.  They AREN”T GOING TO.  You have a mind.  USE IT.
  2. Stop enabling others to whine.  They don’t need you telling them it isn’t fair. See answer one.  Encourage them to use their abilities to solve their own problems and THEN offer to help them in a spirit of competitiveness.
  3. LISTEN.  Other people actually have ideas too.  Sometimes they might actually be better than yours.  Don’t immediately dismiss someone who disagrees with you.  If they agree with you then they aren’t going to give you any solutions you don’t already have.  It’s those with other ideas that may have the answers you need.  More importantly, they may have a piece of the solution, that when combined with a piece of yours, is the answer you both are seeking.
  4. Accept others.  I can assure you that if everyone was just like you, thought just like you and acted just like you this was being a VERY boring world, regardless of who you are.  It is our differences that make us interesting.
  5. Stop Categorizing Others.  Not one person fits perfectly into any one group except ALL of us into the group called humans.  Each one of us is a complex mixture of chemistry and culture that make us a unique individual.  I am not my color, my religion, or any of my affiliations.  I am a very unique combination of all of these put together.  See others for who THEY are, not what they are.

So I offer this in all of my wisdom of 55 years.  I take no credit for any of these solutions as most of us would probably put together a list fairly similar to this one.  The challenge is in the application.  The challenge is stopping the mouth from running ahead of the mind.  The challenge is in becoming the person we know we should be.

I am an American Citizen and I approve this message.

Just Saying…..








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