Newly elected, President Obama, when asked to consider a GOP bill said, “Elections have consequences, and I won”. So what are the consequences of our recent election?

Well, here is one you probably haven’t considered.  For those of you holding college degrees, you should ask for a refund.  According to the news pundits, this was an election won by  uneducated, narrow-minded, blue-collar bumpkins.  Really?  If so, they out maneuvered, out strategized and out did all of you highly educated grads.  Maybe you should ask for a refund?

Okay, this is not about college grads versus non-college grads.  This is about the media.  The all-knowing, “UNBIASED” reporters that try to headline the stories themselves.

Early on election night, Donald Trump had 24 electoral votes to Mrs. Clinton’s 8 and held a lead in Florida.  I was watching CNN with Wolfe Blitzer hosting.   The music came up and the screen showed a “Breaking News” graphic and then a shot of Wolfe.  Wolfe in a very excited tone proclaimed Secretary Clinton had taken the lead in Florida.  You could see the excitement on his face.    He knew this was the beginning of the end for Trump and things were going to be okay.  I thought he was having an orgasm on live TV.

I switched between NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and Fox.  As the night wore on and states continued to fall for Trump you could see an obvious shift in the commentators demeanor.  Their early enthusiasm shown during the early exit poles pronouncing it Hillary’s night was gone.  Every network emphasized the non educated electorate driving the Trump victory.  Over and over emphasizing that the voters supporting Trump were somehow second class citizens.  One commentator said America was choosing the dark vision of America over Ms. Clinton’s positive vision.  They talked about Trump dividing America.  Dividing America?  Seriously???  After presenting the majority of the voters as second class, non-educated people, they talked about Trump dividing America!  They continued characterizing Trumps vision as dark and negative.  I’m not sure who I was listening to but I heard him talk about making America great and how it was going to be amazing.  If that is negative and dark I must have missed something they taught in those college classes I didn’t take.

Many of the second class citizens the media were portraying are in manufacturing, as I am.  I was offended!  Manufacturing actually creates something.  They make the things these college educated voters purchase.  They create the products America trades with other countries.  It could be done without accountants, lawyers and consultants with college degrees.  They would not exist without us.

I am NOT being critical of college educated professionals.  Many of my friends hold degrees and life is better with these professional guidance.  Many people in the manufacturing field hold degrees and many educated professional voted for Trump. You can’t categorize people.  everyone is an individual and hold their own importance in our great Nation.  Saying that, I am going to generalize and categorize a group of people.  The Media.  They made no effort to hide their biased during the election.  They chose sides and made an effort to influence the process.  I have only one thing to say to them;

                                        ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.

Just Saying….




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Ebsco Spring Company manufactures precision springs. Ebsco Spring was established in 1941 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Ebsco Spring manufactures custom springs for a wide variety of industries including fluid power, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, medical and others.

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