Don’t worry this is neither a bible study or end of the world Blog.  I want to talk about the 2016 World Series.  No No No, it’s really not a sports blog either.  This is a blog about History and current events rolled into one.  It’s about a historic event happening as we speak.  Either the Chicago Cubs or the Cleveland Indians will become World Series Champions by November 2nd.

So how is this not a sports blog?  The second longest drought without a world series championship is held by the Cleveland Indians.  It has been 68 years since they last won the championship in 1948.  Impressive as that is the Chicago Cubs have not won a championship wince, 1908, 108 years. The longest drought in Major League Baseball.  They face one another in this years World Series.  One of these teams will break the longest droughts in baseball history.  Talk about making history!

The Cleveland Indians were the feature of a 1989 movie, Major League about an unlikely group of characters making up the Cleveland Indians and winning the American League Championship.  The Indians were a perfect candidate as a team no one believed would reach a league championship. They became the American League’s punch line for many jokes. No jokes this year.  Under the watchful eye of their mascot, Chief Wahoo, the Indians had the second best record in the American league and swept their way into the world series.  There is no doubt this is a team that deserves their place in championship.  GOOO WAHOOO!

Not to be outdone, we have the Cubs.  108 years since their last championship.  a sports record.  Cubs fans have long been convinced this is due to a curse.  The Goat Curse.  During the 4th game of the 1945 World Series, Billy Goat Tavern owner, Billy Sianis was asked to leave the game because the smell of his pet goat, Murphy was making other fans sick.  (Yes, he took the goat to the game).  Leaving, Sianis cursed the Cubs, saying “The Cubs aint gonna win no more”.  The curse has followed the cubs ever since. Over the years Cubs fans have brought goats to the games tying to break the curse to no avail.  Maybe 2016 is the year the curse is lifted.  Chicago had the best record in baseball with an impressive 103 wins.  They are a young team with incredible talent.  The question is, is that enough to lift Murphy’s curse?  GOOO CUBS!!!!

Regardless of the outcome this is an exciting time for all sports fans.  For the die-hard fans of the Indians and Cubs, that never gave up hope, it’s been a long time coming. For one team this will be the sweetest championship ever.  For the rest of us (I’m a die-hard Cardinal fan) it’s still exciting.  Outside of my Cardinals I can’t think of any other two team I would like to see play.  The two longest droughts in World Series Championships are playing for the crown.  The only thing left is to


Just Saying……





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