I recently received an email from WordPress, the site this Blog is published from.  They informed me that LinkedIn had been hacked and usernames and passwords were stolen, including mine. (Like I have anything important on either place anyone would want.)  The email went on to state that for my safety they had reset my password on WordPress and I would need to create a new one to get on my Blog.

I logged in, followed their directions and then waited for another email that would allow me to reset the password.  Since I need so much protection, the email from WordPress was blocked my Microsoft Outlook and sent to clutter. I finally found it, clicked on it and set a new password.  The problem is I KNEW the password for my Blog and now it has changed.

I have no idea how many passwords I have.  I have some sites that force me to change their password on a regular basis.  Some sites I visit so seldom there is no way I will remember their passwords.

It used to be so easy.  I had one password I used for several sites and the way we go.  Now I have more passwords than there are names in the local phone book (many of you don’t know what a phone book is, but that’s another Blog). Then with hackers about, things changed.  Sites were hacked or were proactive prior to a hack and started making you change your password.  It started easy and I had about three passwords I used.  All were something I could remember.   That wasn’t good enough.  They started making rules. “Password must contain at least on capital and one small case, a numeral and one symbol being at least 6 but no more than 7.34652 characters and typed with your left hand while spinning around in your chair twice”.  Maybe that is a little exaggeration but you get my point.

Now I have a novel worth of passwords, none recognizable as words that I will never remember.  I could keep a list but that kind of defeats the reason for passwords and I wouldn’t have the time to keep up with it.  So now, logging onto a site usually means clicking “Forgot Password” and going through an additional 10 steps including creating a new password that I will never remember.

So as all else, a few ruin it for the rest of us.  We chase and forget passwords that we are forced to change week after week.  Maybe this is what they mean by identity crisis.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to write down my new password for this Blog.

Just Saying…….



Yes That’s me a few pounds and a few years ago.




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