There is a reason that millions of Blogs across the internet all carry the same topic this week.  Happy Mother’s Day.   It is just that big of a deal.

MOMS play one of the biggest roles in our lives. Help us develop into who we are.  They influence every aspect of our personalities and behaviors.  They teach. They are role models. They heal. They worry. They love.  Most of us owe credit for who we have become to our mothers.  Our successes and our accomplishments all lead back to the core values we learned from an early age.  From our MOMS.  I don’t want to dismiss Dads, but for most of us, Moms play that key role from an early age.

For myself, my Mothers was there 24-7 from the beginning.  She was the one that always worried and tried to set me on the right path. She always second guessed herself while always knowing exactly what to do and say. She wanted to take away all the hurt and pain but knew when to step back and let me experience things for myself.  I now know that many times she felt more pain than myself as she allowed me to learn from life.  My Father was and is my role model.  Setting as standard I will never live up to but will always pursue.  Mom was and is my confidant.  The one I turn to in a time of need.  The one I share my accomplishments with.  The one that can make things better by simply by hearing her voice on the other end of the phone.

I am extremely grateful I was blessed with exceptional parents.  Both my mother and father are still key figures in my life.  Mom still plays a major role even now that I myself am a grandfather.  She is still always there.  She still worries about her little boy who is now 54 years old.  She is the very definition of what a MOM should be.

Mom has expanded her circle of love and taken in my wife Cheryl.  Cheryl’s parents have both passed and mom found room in her heart to take Cheryl in as her own.  Those times when only a mother will do, Cheryl turns toward my mom, now hers and finds the comfort and support only a mom can offer.

I am fortunate that I have found the same in my wife Cheryl.  As we move forward raising our son, Daven she now exemplifies those qualities I have known throughout my life.  She is a wonderful mom raising her two older sons and now taking up the challenge with Daven.  She has given her life to him and his every need.  He is so lucky to have her.  I am so lucky to have them both.

It seems so little to have one day to recognize moms.  They give themselves to us, totally, every hour of every day.

So on this day recognizing mothers, I want to say thank you to both of the mothers in my life.  I love you MOM and I love you Cheryl.  You will never realize how important and special you both are.

Just Saying……………….



cheryl and Todd


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