200This is our 200th Post on The Ebsco Spring Blog.  200!

My first post was on February 7, 2011.  Since that day, just over 5 years ago I have written and posted 200 Blogs.

I can’t imagine how I had so much to say, writing 200 Blogs (actually 198, Cheryl wrote one and my dog Beau wrote another).  Where did I come up with the topics?

Note that I didn’t say 200 interesting Blogs, simply 200 posts.  Whether they were interesting or not is in the minds of the readers.  Obviously they all interested me in some way or I would not have written them.


I’ve shared some opinions.  Tried to stay away from specifics of politics but touched on politics as a general matter.  I have stayed away from religion but have dealt with some spiritual topics. Some Blogs have been personal topics.  I talked about my youngest son Daven and my wonderful wife Cheryl, who happens to be my boss and President of Ebsco.

Most of the Blogs have been about business and specifically Ebsco Spring.   I have detailed new ideas and processes.  Examined some of the whys behind the whats at Ebsco. I have talked about challenges and opportunities we faced. The most common topic has been the superstars of my Blogs. The great group of people I work with.  When it comes to Ebsco, I never want to forget, they are the ones that make everything happen.  They are the reason Ebsco exists.

Some weeks I labor to find an appropriate topic.  Most weeks the ideas flow and the Blog is mostly written in my mind before I touch the keyboard.  I have ideas I can’t wait to share with you.  I have always been told I’m full of you know what so I guess that might be what spills out on this page. Either way I’m excited to share it on this Blog.

ebsco Team

I started this Blog to give employees and outsiders some insight into Ebsco behind the scenes.  The personal topics sometimes took over. The thing I didn’t anticipate was the benefit I receive.  Putting the ideas down on this Blog have personal benefits.  It keeps me humble. When I get caught up in sharing news about Ebsco, I end up looking at where the ideas came from and who makes them happen and discover what a small part I actually play.  Telling the story of our victories always end with the same conclusion of who deserves the credit, the Ebsco Team.  When you put it down in words, you can’t ignore who really makes things happen.  Sharing these ideas with you often provides greater enthusiasm and solidify my commitment to the ideas and the great group of people I serve at Ebsco. If nothing else it reminds me of what a great job I have and the people who make that a reality.

I hope you find the Blog interesting and do gain some insight to who Ebsco and maybe myself really are.  Without you I wouldn’t write this Blog and as I said I get so much benefit from it. I would hate to stop writing. Thank You.

So next week I’m on to a new topic. The latest Kaizen event, our transition to AS 9100, our new team members our meeting with a new customer, our commitment to serving our existing customers or ………..  I guess I have a few ideas for 201 and beyond.  As long as you keep reading I will keep writing.

For now, I’m taking a breath and looking back. Until next week.

Just Saying…….



About Ebsco Spring Company

Ebsco Spring Company manufactures precision springs. Ebsco Spring was established in 1941 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Ebsco Spring manufactures custom springs for a wide variety of industries including fluid power, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, medical and others.

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