When a major storm is predicted most people prepare.  They get the resources they might need and get their homes in order to survive what might be coming.

At Ebsco we are preparing for our coming storm.  The oil prices have dramatically impacted many of our customers and sales have been down.  We were forced to lay-off some of our team and make cut-backs.  I worry about what is coming.  Oil prices are always cyclical.  They go down and they go up.  Our customers in the energy industry have cut back on EVERYTHING.  They have stopped all orders and reduced their inventory to minimal levels.  The storm in coming.

No one knows when oil prices will rebound but everyone is confident they will.  When they do every one of our customers are going to need product and need it NOW! The coming storm.  Our production capabilities will be stretched to their limits to accommodate our customer’s needs.

Ebsco is preparing for the coming storm.  We are currently working on Lean projects to make our production process as efficient as possible.  5S efforts are preparing our work environment to weather the coming storm.  We have scheduled several Kaizen events to look for opportunities for improvements.  Our management staff is evaluating our team, looking at future needs and the best method to recruit and train the new team members.

When the storm hits, it will be too late to react.  Every resource we have will be directed to production.  Their will be little time to look at better ways to do things.  The time to prepare is now.  I don’t know when the storm will hit but I’m confident it will.  I’m also confident that Ebsco will be one of the companies ready to respond.

The storm is coming and this is one storm that can’t arrive too soon.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to see if something needs to be boarded up.

Just saying……..





About Ebsco Spring Company

Ebsco Spring Company manufactures precision springs. Ebsco Spring was established in 1941 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Ebsco Spring manufactures custom springs for a wide variety of industries including fluid power, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, medical and others.

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