I often use famous quotes as topics for this Blog and my weekly Facebook Thought of the Week.  This week I’m using a quote from the best-selling book in the World, The Bible.  No, I’m not going religious or preaching.  I saw this on a church sign coming home today and thought it a great topic.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as you are doing”

Encourage and build others up?  Seems contrary to the norm.  Consider the last time you had a conversation and discussed someone not with you.  Was the conversation positive, discussing their good traits and positive accomplishment?  I’m betting it wasn’t.  People seem to want to talk about other’s weaknesses and failures.  Does pointing out others shortcomings make our individual failures easier to accept?

Look at the current presidential race.  Candidates focus on their opponent’s lesser qualities.  I wouldn’t expect them to highlight their positive attributes but shouldn’t they spend more time on their own qualities and less on their opponents negatives?

From Washington, to the media to the workplace water cooler it seems tearing down others is the trend.

But What if?  What if we focused our energy on building up and encouraging others.  People always try to live up to others expectations.  Encouragement can provide new energy and resolve to individual’s efforts.  With encouragement we could help others live up to their potential.  Imagine what could be accomplished if everyone worked and lived at their full potential.

So the next time you have the opportunity to talk about someone else, either in person or to another, make it positive.  Resist the temptation to tear down and seize the opportunity to uplift.  You  might be surprised how others around you might respond.  It might even be contagious.

Thanks for reading my Blog.  You all are Super.

Just Saying.



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