opened christmas package


Twas the morning after Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring because everyone was so exhausted from Christmas Day.

The trash bags were lined down the side of the house with packagings and wrapings so carefully prepared,

The refrigerator was stuffed with left overs galore,

in hopes that someone would just clean up the floor.

Traditionally I always had the post-Christmas Blues.  It comes from over thirty years in retail.  The day after Christmas I was up before the crack of dawn rebuilding stores. It took months  of hard work preparing for Christmas which followed weeks of hard work getting it back where you started.  From Halloween through Christmas and a couple of weeks beyond you pushed yourself to the edge.  I always had that “THAT”S IT” feeling the morning after.  All that work and preparation, one day off and it all starts again.  I’m sorry to say I’ve discovered it’s not just people in retail.  Many people, after months of finding and chasing just the right gifts, carefully wrapping, decorating the house inside and out, preparing meals and get togethers and everything else and then in one day it’s all over.

I am making a commitment to do different this year. Prior to Christmas we talk about the wonderful feelings of Christmas and how we wished it could be all year-long.  I don’t know if I can hold the Christmas Spirit all year-long BUT I sure can for a few days and skip the after Christmas Blues.  As I sit here this morning in my new Dallas Cowboys shirt and socks with my new tennis shoes I remember the feeling I had when others opened the gifts I gave.  I think of my son running around from toy to toy, not knowing where to stop.  I think of the family and friends that I were able to celebrate Christmas with.  I wonder of the Christmas had by my friends from work and the stories I will hear when we return.

I am so fortunate not for the gifts I received but for the ones I love who shared them with me.  Christmas is really a time to celebrate those that are special in your life and I have so many. That can not be relegated to a day and should never be a thing that causes the blues.



If you will excuse me I’m going to spend time with my wife and son.

Just Saying….


Todd Pfeifer

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