santa ups

When did Santa change his sleigh to either a brown or white delivery van, and what’s the deal with the elves?

amazon north pole

I don’t know if you have notice but Santa’s elves have really changed over the past few years.  They now look like you and I and except for the brown or blue uniforms. They swarm the streets in their tiny cargo vans rushing from home to home, scurrying to deliver Christmas Cheer.  I hear that Santa’s workshop has also been abandon and has been replaced by several large industrial warehouses with en-cryptic signs reading AMAZON, BEST BUY, HOME DEPOT and many others.  Instead of magic reindeer dust Santa is traveling at light speed on the world-wide web visiting houses all over the world.


1950 christmas

I can be nostalgic in my heart and really miss the thought of Christmas shopping downtown in the crisp November air with a light snow falling.  The streets lit with Christmas decorations and windows artfully decorated to attract the imagination. I would have to be nostalgic to remember this since I grew up in the era of the shopping center,with all the shops environmentally controlled under on roof.  That still exists but times are a changing.



As people line up for the Black Friday Specials I can flick on my computer, days before see the same deals and with a flick of the mouse order the same items at the same price delivered in 24 hours, to my door before Friday ever comes. Black Friday and Santa’s favorite, Cyber Monday now start after Halloween and run through Christmas on my desk top computer. Will those that rise in the wee hours of the morning on the day after Thanksgiving miss their annual tradition when it is gone?  I have never been one among them (except on the other side of the door when I worked in retail) but imagine it is a big part of their Holiday Season.

I am not asking for a return to past.  I sit here in front of my brightly lit screen comparing potential gifts with detailed descriptions, customer recommendations and on-line help when ever I need it.  I am  able to find exactly what I’m looking for and compare prices with every other store in minutes. I get daily emails with great gift suggestions based on elaborate algorithms comparing my past browsing history. With a flick of my mouse and a my security code from the back of my credit card my special gift is headed for the air to arrive in a few short days at my door.  I wonder if Amazon gets their drone delivery if they will drop my packages down the chimney?

I have no regrets.  It is the way I shop.  There is still a place in my heart that wonders what we are missing.  In my mind I knew it is hours of standing in the cold, not finding what we want and paying too much.


Just Saying……





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