It’s widely accepted that preparation is the key to success.  We prepare to go out for the evening, choosing what we want to wear and how we want to appear.  We prepare for a job at work by collecting all the proper personal protective equipment or researching the topic before the meeting.  We prepare for dinner.  We prepare for visitors coming to our home.  We prepare for ALMOST everything.

Last night was the first Republican debate for the 2016 Presidential Election.  Did you watch it?  Are you going to watch the Democratic Debates?  Did you listen to what the candidates said?  Do you even know that an election is coming? If you answered no to any of these questions don’t feel bad, you are in good company.  They anticipated that 15 million people would tune in for the debates.  That is only 23% of the United States population.  In television ratings that is impressive.  In preparing for choosing the next leader of the most powerful country in the world, that’s disturbing.

One of the greatest freedoms we have as Americans is the right to choose our leaders.  I remember Iraq’s first free election.  People lined up for hours, threatened with death by the terrorist.  Individuals holding up their ink-stained finger which they had used to place their votes.  They risked their lives to have a say in their future. In the 2012 Presidential Election, only 58.2% or eligible voters cast their choice.  Only slightly more than half of the eligible voters determined who our next President would be.

We see people passionately defend their rights granted by the constitution.  Freedom to bear arms, freedom of speech, freedom for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, freedom of religion, the freedom that all men are created equal.  Yet when it comes to their freedom to choose their leaders, slightly over half of us participate.  Choosing a President can impact every other right we have.  Take your right to bear arms.  Now I’m not going to join in that debate but think of the impact the President of the United States has over defining that right.  Our elected officials are the keeper of our individual rights.  They, through laws and regulations define how those rights apply to us. The President has the power to select Justices of the Supreme Court who define the constitution and rule on the laws Congress pass regarding our Constitutional rights.

Electing our officials is the greatest right and RESPONSIBILITY we hold as American citizens.  Everything else we hold important is influenced by the leaders we choose.  We talk of those young men and women who die, defending our rights of democracy but wont take the time to cast our vote to decide who will be making the decision to send them into danger and for what reason.  We cover our cars with bumper stickers declaring how far we will go to keep our guns, but will not exercise our privilege to determine who will be making laws to protect that right.  We hold huge rallies holding signs for our belief on the institution of marriage but spend no effort to pick the next person who will shape the laws that determine the outcome.

I know, they are all liars and crooks and it doesn’t matter who we vote for.  Really?  Really?  Do you REALLY believe they are all crooks. The candidates put themselves out in the public eye, to have every aspect, no matter how personal picked apart and examined.  They enter the race to have people dig for the most humiliating things in their past life and then have them broadcast to the world.  Most will take huge pay cuts if they win.  One Oklahoma Senator was living in his office because he could not afford to keep his home for his family in Oklahoma and pay for a place for himself while in Washington.  They’re ALL crooks?  I can’t say I’m happy with all of our elected officials but whose fault is that?  It’s mine!  I chose them or even worse, didn’t exercise my right to choose who they are.

So it has started.  Seventeen Republicans and five, possibly a sixth Democrat running for the President of the United States.  One of the most powerful positions in the world.  Someone that WILL have impact on your life for at least four years.  Now it’s up to you.  In November of 2016 myself and 15 million (hopefully more) Americans will decide who this person will be.  A pretty important decision.  It is time to start PREPARING. What do they want to accomplish?  What do they stand for?  What have they done in the past?  Which ones are truthful?  Which one do you want making decisions that impact your daily life? NONE?  Not an option.  Someone will be elected and they WILL make decisions that you have to live with. Time to start PREPARING!  After you have finished with all of your excuses why your vote doesn’t matter, start PREPARING!  The root cause of our problems isn’t the politicians.  The problem is that we have become one of the most apathetic, entitlement seeking societies in history. It Is Time For A Change!  Voting isn’t simply a right, it’s an obligation. The future of the Free World literally depends on it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to find out when the first Democratic debate is.

Just Saying…..







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