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If you read last weeks Blog you know that Big Papa Elf from the North Pole returned this year.  He is now a “Quality Control” inspector for Santa’s toy shop.



Elf’s first stop was secondary department.  He asked for several samples to inspect.  I was quite amazed at his professionalism as I left the room.  Maybe he was going to be okay this time.  Not so fast.  After about one half hour I was called back into the department.  Elf decided he would like to swing on the wreath they had hung in the department while doing his inspections.  He had all of the springs tangled in the wreath and actually got his arm stuck inside one of them.  So much for professionalism.


tree fire

Elf’s next stop was secondary.  He explained to the staff that with the precision instruments we were using that it was important to have “clean power” with precise voltage.  As he was lecturing the team and using a fork as a pointer, he accidentally shoved the fork into the outlet he was talking about.  Fire shot out from the outlet igniting the Christmas Tree in QA.  I’m not sure about the precise voltage but I am sure QA needs a new tree.



Soon after the electrical incident in QA, one of our maintenance staff heard a tiny voice calling out for help down the hall.  Evidently the incident in QA scared something out of Big Papa but even that caused problems for our little trouble maker.  Our staff member eventually helped Elf but not before snapping a quick photo.  Wonder why he didn’t snap a selfie?

elof party


If you remember from our last visit, Elf is friends with Pee Wee Herman.  We found that out when Elf was caught having an overnight party attended by Pee Wee himself.  Elf explained to me that after that party Pee Wee talked him into trying acting.  Elf left the North Pole and showed up in Hollywood.  Pee Wee set Elf up in several bit parts and things were looking pretty good.  For a newcomer, Elf was doing great.  Was this going to be the start of a new career?  NO.  Elf returned to the North Pole saying he wasn’t going to let them type cast him.


walking deadSuperman





So much for his first week as a Quality Control Inspector for the North Pole.  I can’t wait to see what he gets into next week.

If you will excuse me, I need to go find Big Papa Elf before he burns the building down.

Just saying….


Todd Pfeifer





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