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I didn’t post a Blog last week.  I was deeply involved in the final stages of operation Sparky, which concluded Friday.

Operation Sparky began over a month ago.  Tactical units (Christmas Decorations) were staged (separated in a spare room). Units were staged based on their tactical specialty (inside and outside decorations). Battle plans were drawn up (lighting plan was made). For the following weeks deployment began (the lights were hung).  Logistical support of crucial supplies followed (Extension cords were run). I am happy to say that operation Sparky concluded successfully (All of the lights came on at the programmed time).

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Honestly we put out so many lights this year it felt like a military operation.  I was hanging lights in 20 degree weather, at 5am in the dark and after the sun set.  I climbed over, under and all around to get the lights just right.  I even fell down a couple of times in pursuit of the perfect holiday lighting.

Was it all worth it?  You better believe it.  The sense of accomplishment in creating something beautiful and special.  That is what Christmas is, something beautiful and special.  In Christianity it is the celebration of the savior.  Pretty big deal there.  It is  a time of year that everyone becomes just a little better person.  A little more polite, a little more sharing, a little more caring for their fellow-man. It just makes you feel good.

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Our four-year old, who is autistic is getting Christmas for the first time this year.  The excitement and wonder are contagious.  We purchased an “I-Twinkle” tree this year for inside the house.  It’s controlled by your smart phone.  It plays music and the lights dance to the music. When Daven saw it for the first time he was mesmerized. He points out Christmas Trees and Christmas Lights. The wonder in his eyes could light a room.

If all of the work and preparation did nothing other than make Daven happy, it is all worth it.  Both Cheryl and I have been walking around with a smile on our faces since the lights started going up. We have been humming and listening to Christmas songs before Thanksgiving.  We both have the Christmas spirit.  The lights got it all started.

House 2I hope all of you find your spark to light the Christmas Spirit, like Cheryl and myself.  Your just a little bit happier and full of energy.  It would be wonderful if they could come up with a pill called Christmas Spirit and have this feeling year round.  Since they don’t, take advantage of it while you can.  It’s Christmas Time in the City and everywhere,

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go see if I can find anything else to put lights on..

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Todd Pfeifer

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  1. charnickdav says:

    I’m hoping “Sparky” doesn’t blow the transformer in the neighborhood. I know it’s not Thanksgiving yet (when the official “lights on” time starts) but one of our neighbors turned theirs on so…game on!! Thank you Todd for giving me this Christmas spirit that I haven’t felt in years. Daven and I love the lights and YOU.


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