A few weeks ago we introduced the new look to this blog, “A Family Affair”.  I told you that my wife and Ebsco’s CEO would step in occasionally and write a post, which she did her first, two weeks ago.  I also mentioned that we would have other guest writers.  I’m happy to announce that this week I will be taking off and turning the keyboard over to Colonel Beauregard Pfeifer-Dooley (Beau for short), my Golden Retriever.  Beau has the unique experience of living with both Cheryl and I and has worked at Ebsco Spring.  I have every confidence in his ability to post and interesting and insightful post.


August 2013

Another Set of Eyes…and TAIL?

I was really excited when my human asked me to write this blog. It’s not often that you humans allow canines to speak up.

I selected my human four years ago.  He and his female human seemed like nice people, drove a nice car and seemed to really need a close friend.  He brought me back to his human house and I was delighted to find two other canine companions there.  They were both Cockers.  Now I’m not a prejudice dog but I’ve heard these Cockers can be really difficult to get along with.  Buddy the older cocker is just a grumpy old man.  He thinks he is in charge.  He spends most of his time sleeping, is mostly deaf and can be very grouchy.  I spend most of my time avoiding him.  CoCo, is a younger female.  I hear the humans often refer to her as the little princess and pup is that true.  She does whatever she wants, when she wants.  She will ignore Buddy and I and the humans as she pleases.  Sometimes she does like to play and when she does we have a lot of fun.

Now for my humans.  At first there was just the ones called Todd and Cheryl. First off they are great cooks.  I really do enjoy the food at the house.  They give me a lot of attention.  I sometimes have no idea what they are talking about but all in all they are great as humans go.  Four years ago a new human showed up.  He was a little human.  I can still look him right in the eye, although he is growing.  He ignored me the first two years but lately that’s not the case.  He likes to climb on top of me and gives great hugs.  He does seem to like pulling my tail but doesn’t hurt me.  Most important he gives me great snacks.  I sometimes have to play a little chase game with him, that he seems to really like but eventually I always get the treat.  The little human is really growing on me.


When I first choose my humans they took me to their human house they call work.  We went there almost everyday.  I really enjoyed riding in my humans Corvette sitting on the females lap.  Initially I napped most of the day under my humans desk but I quickly caught on that there was important work happening there. I started out assisting my human.  God knows he needed it.  I don’t think he has ever heard of spell check.




I tried to help out where ever I could.  When they decorated for Christmas, I was there, doing anything I could to help.


beau name tag


My efforts were noticed.  My human promoted me to Director of Security.  I took my job very seriously.  I was at all top-level management meetings.  I had my own sot in the conference room under the table.   Anytime someone would come into my humans office I would challenge them for the purpose of the visit.  If I didn’t feel they needed to interrupt my human I would escort them out of his office. I had high aspirations.  The first canine CEO.  It was obvious this was to be my career path. But then it happened.  I was fired!  My human said I was getting too aggressive when people came into his office.  He was afraid I would hurt someone. Hurt someone?  I was just doing my job! My female human also said that I was getting too big to ride to work on her lap in the males two-seater car.  I was always comfortable.


Regardless of my arguments, I found myself back at the human house with my two Cocker colleagues.  It’s not a bad gig after I get past being retired at age three.  I take good care of my humans when they are home and they seem to like my company.  The younger Cocker and I play and I try to avoid the old grouch. Laying around I sometimes ponder what could have been if I did become CEO of Ebsco. My only problem would have been greeting people.  Humans get so weird when you smell their crotch.  Like that hand shake thing of theirs tells them anything about the other human.

Now if you will excuse me (stole that line from my human) I need to go bark at those people walking down my street,  It is MY street!


About Ebsco Spring Company

Ebsco Spring Company manufactures precision springs. Ebsco Spring was established in 1941 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Ebsco Spring manufactures custom springs for a wide variety of industries including fluid power, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, medical and others.

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