iwatch 2


Apple is at it again.  The I-Watch.  Rumored to be released this October (and rumored to be delayed) Apple is set to launch the next chapter in personal computing devices.  Like the I-Phone, which being a phone has become a secondary function, the I-Watch will move light years beyond a watch.


A good starting point for looking at the I-Watch is Nike’s FuelBand. The FuelBand monitors physical activity, steps taken and energy burned. A glorified pedometer.  It works with smart phones and tablets to interact with other Nike users, set goals and monitor progress.  What’s important to the I-Watch is that Apple ordered several of these to evaluate.  It may not be the functions as much as the design that Apple was looking at.  The curved display and materials used may hint at the design of the I-Watch.


In the past few years, Apple has recruited several people from the medical field including experts in bio-metrics and sleep studies.  It is rumored that the I-Watch will have several health related functions build it.  It is no coincidence that Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook wears a Nike FuelBand.  Look for the new I-Watch to look after your health while it tells time. In addition to health care experts Apple has hired a leading executive from the fashion giant Yves Saint Laurent.  Obviously it has to look right.

The I-Watch will have several if not all of the features you currently enjoy with your I-Phone.  Apple is releasing a new operating system IOS 8, that is rumored to work with the I Phone and the I Watch.  Look for the new Watch to seamlessly interact with the I Phone and I Pad.  No one is sure of the I-Watch’s capabilities but if Apple CEO’s recent comments (“To convince people to wear something it has to be incredible”) are any indication they should be beyond our expectations.

The real question is what is the future for the I-Watch.  With the security of finger print technology its endless.  Wave your I-Watch at the register and pay for your purchase?  Reach for your motel room door and the I-Phone instantly unlocks the door? Key fob to start your car? I-Watch.  The possibilities are endless.  It will take brighter and more creative minds than mine to map the future of the I-Watch.  What I do know is that it is coming and I’m going to have one.

Beam Me Up Scotty?

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