It’is ironic that in a country built on democracy, the rule of the majority, that so many small groups have so much power.  You see this in politics with special interest lobbies, but I’m talking about the criminal element, The Few Bad Apples.

I am currently shopping to upgrade my home security system.  Not install, but upgrade my existing system.  It seems that my current system isn’t adequate.  Not that many years back home security systems were only for the very wealthy.  Not true anymore.  Home security has come to everyone.  Middle class homes are now regularly equipped with security devices that would have been state of the art for military test facilities only a few years past.  Motion sensors, heat sensors, door and window sensors and camera systems.  Obviously the advances in technology has much to do with this but the need for these systems continues to grow.


Security and alarm systems have become a major industry.  People are shelling out large dollars to install and monitor security systems to protect things they already paid for.  Door and window sensors, noise detectors, motion sensors that trip cameras, all monitored 24 / 7 ready to contact the police to respond to any disturbance.  Panic buttons, with a touch of the button have Police responding to your home. With every new feature the criminals adapt and we are forced to add new features to react.  The cycle never ends.


id theft

Technology advances at the speed of light presenting consumers with a constant barrage of gadgets we can’t live without.  Mini lap tops, smart phones and now the wrist smart phone.  They do everything for us and we use them.  Buy your tickets on-line, pay your bills, even do your taxes.  The bad apples are paying attention.  Identity Theft!  Another new industry.  We pay monthly fees to protect our identity and all that goes with it. This industry didn’t exist ten years ago and now it is booming.  A few Bad Apples.



Every step we take to make life easier and to protect ourselves is being watched by the Bad Apples.  They are opportunist.  They think the rest of us owe them.  They don’t have what the rest of us do, so they take it.  They take it from our home, our cars, our work and from the internet.  The majority of people believes in hard work and take pride in their possessions.  Our “stuff” is the result of our efforts to work and earn.  We make sacrifices and choices what we use our hard-earned dollars for.  The Bad Apples don’t care.  You have it, they want it, and they take it.  So we now spend a chunk of our hard-earned dollars protecting our hard-earned dollars.  Not on things we want or need but on services and devices to keep the Bad Apples from taking our stuff.



One of these Bad Apples thought they needed the trampoline we bought for our son’s 4th birthday.  Still in the box, they came in our yard and took it along with a power washer that didn’t work (Ha Ha you SOB it’s broken). So our security system didn’t cover that.  Now we are looking at motion detectors and cameras outside.  Seriously!, outside cameras.  I can’t believe I need a camera system for a few Bad Apples.  If they get past these I’m attaching machine guns to the cameras and see if that doesn’t stop them.  We worked hard for the money to buy that trampoline for our kid’s birthday and a Bad Apple thought they needed more than we did.  For some reason they probably thought they deserved it, the lazy son of a %^&$#!

It’s easy to think everyone is becoming Bad Apples with all that is  going on, but the truth is it’s just a Few Bad Apples.  A Few Bad Apples forcing the hard-working majority to protect their identities, fortress their homes and buy guns.  A Few Bad Apples spoil it for everyone else.  The Bad Apples should be careful.  As they get bolder, the rest of us will at some point decide to stand up and fight back.  If you don’t believe me look at gun sales and all of the concealed and open carry permits.  States are months behind on concealed carry permits due to the overwhelming demand.  Be careful Bad Apples, the majority is arming themselves and are starting to fight back. We are tired of your entitlement attitudes.  We are done working hard and having our rewards of that hard work stolen by the few.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to feed the alligators in the moat around my home.

Just Saying………



Todd Pfeifer


About Ebsco Spring Company

Ebsco Spring Company manufactures precision springs. Ebsco Spring was established in 1941 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Ebsco Spring manufactures custom springs for a wide variety of industries including fluid power, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, medical and others.

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