Our CEO, Cheryl Dooley was recently contacted to do an interview for Forbes Magazine about E-Cigs in the workplace (see the article here).

Three years ago Ms. Dooley discovered E-Cigs and was able to stop smoking traditional cigarettes using the E-Cig.  Excited that she was able to overcome this many year addiction, she wanted to share her success with those closest to her, her family and employees at Ebsco Spring.  She met with all the smokers at Ebsco, shared her story and offered to buy each of then a $100 starter kit for a rechargeable E-Cigs.  Many accepted.  She bought each of them the kits and purchased several more over the next few years for new employees.  Several stopped and many others reduced their smoking with the E-Cigs.  A real success story.  She allows employees to use the E-Cigs while at work and supports employees efforts to quit.


A couple of days after doing the interview with Forbes, she received a phone call from NBC in New York.  They told her they had seen the article in Forbes and also wanted to run a story.  Ms. Dooley did not know that Forbes had already published their story on-line.  Talking to the reporter from NBC she scrambled to see what was said in the Forbes piece.  A week passed and no article was published by NBC.  She then received a call from KIRO radio in Seattle Washington.  They had seen her article in Forbes and on NBC.con (read the article here) and wanted to do a live interview on their morning talk show, Tom and Curly,  Again surprised the article was published she accepted the radio interview and read the NBC article.  This was all followed by a call from the Tulsa NBC affiliate, KJRH wanting to do a story on their regional talk show “The List” . (watch the story here)


Needless to say the Boss has become a celebrity around Ebsco.


I encourage you to click on the link and watch the story on The List. They got to the heart of why Cheryl did this and what Ebsco is really all about.  It’s about family.  The segment on the list highlighted how Cheryl feels about the team at Ebsco.  They are her family.  The story showed how Ebsco was a dog friendly, kid friendly, family environment where the Boss REALLY cares about the employees. They got it right.

Now, In the interest of fairness I have to disclose that I am fortunate to call Cheryl Dooley not only my boss but my wife.  So I might be a little bias.  BUT she really did a great job of representing Ebsco and Oklahoma in the interviews.  She set the New York reporters straight on their stereotypical impression of cowboys and Indians in Oklahoma.  She was steadfast in her remarks that this was about helping the employees stopping smoking, not a tactic to reduce health care costs.  She kept her focus on her pride and caring for the Ebsco Team.

I am very proud of her courage,  putting herself out there in these articles.  She represented us well.  She showed the Real Ebsco as a company that really cares. She showed the world the real Ebsco and the Boss that I, and my colleagues are proud to be a part of.

Nice going Boss!

Now if you’ll excuse I’m going to get a cup of coffee and Vape,

Just saying…

Todd Pfeifer



About Ebsco Spring Company

Ebsco Spring Company manufactures precision springs. Ebsco Spring was established in 1941 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Ebsco Spring manufactures custom springs for a wide variety of industries including fluid power, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, medical and others.

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  1. charnickdav says:

    That was a nice blog Sweetheart, um, Mr. Pfeifer. Now that I’m “famous”, I may have to dump you for some Hollywood stud. OR go back to what I love most; being your wife, a mom and a CEO 🙂


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