“Sayings” are an integral part of language. Saying is defined as a short, pithy (what a great word) expression that generally contains advice or wisdom.  They have been around since the beginning of time, used to pass on important thoughts and advice.  I like sayings.  Sayings allow you to covey advice, in a short phrase that would take a great deal of time to explain without them.  I have no originals.  The sayings I use are passed down from mentors and bosses over the years.

I would like to share a few of them with you.

They don’t care how much you know until the know how much you care.   This is important for anyone going into a new situation with people they do not know.  In an attempt to cover their feeling of being an outsider, they try to convince the group that they have the skills and knowledge to fit in.  Until they know you as a person, they really don’t care what you know.  This is especially true for leaders.

Often the most urgent, isn’t the most important.  The most urgent tasks you are confronted with are often not the most important things you need to deal with.  It’s important to not get dragged down by the urgent, which is often not important in the long-term and stay focused on what is important in your life.

Luck is 10% timing, 20% opportunity and 90% hard work I borrowed the creative math from Yogi Berra a master of sayings.  The point is you make luck through your hard work add a little opportunity and timing and there is your luck.

This car doesn’t have any mirrors so stop looking back  We too often spend all of our time looking back at events, trying to determine what happened and miss all the opportunities ahead of us.  It’s important to analyze why things happened but only for a short time.  The real scenery is out in front of you.

People will decide if you are a success or failure and then go about making it a reality.  Leaders only succeed through the teams work.  The team will decide how they feel about the leader and then work to make that decision come true,

The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack and the strength of the Pack is the Wolf.  My favorite.  I have built my entire leadership philosophy on this one saying.  Individually our contribution may be minimal, but when our efforts are combined with others our individual contributions become essential to the teams success.  It takes the entire pack to succeed.

We do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard. Okay,  maybe this isn’t a saying but it should be.  It is part of President Kennedy’s speech on going to the moon.  The really good things only come when we challenge ourselves, when we get out of our comfort zones and try to do things we have never done.  That one phrase took the United States to the moon.

The definition of CRAZY is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  Albert Einstein.  It really speaks for itself.  If you don’t like the way things turned out you have to change something in your approach if you want a different result.

The difference is in the details. Why does one person fail and one succeed when it appears they have done the exact same thing.  The successful person was committed to getting the details right.  It’s the details that offer success.

The customer isn’t always right BUT it’s not our job to point it out   This is a new twist on an old saying.  Most the time the outcome is the same

Perspective is Reality  This one is from my current boss, Cheryl.  It doesn’t matter if what people think happen or was said in correct or not, in their perspective it is and they are going to react in that matter.  Address the perspective and then align the reality.

These are just a few of the sayings that I find important.  I use them as training tools and use them as a guide for my actions.  I would love to hear some of your favorites.  Send them to me and maybe I can do a part deux with your favorites.

Now if you’ll excuse me  I keep hearing about two of something in the bush and am going outside to find them.

Just Saying………




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