You don’t know me but I watched over you and your family for years.  No, I’m not a stalker, I’m someone who cares.  I didn’t care what the weather was or what hour it was, I was there.  I didn’t always have a hot meal but I was there.  I left my family to take care of you.  I was often lonely, sometimes bored and yes very scared.  It, didn’t matter, I was there.  I put my life on hold to protect yours.  I will never ask for anything in return, it’s my job.  I took a pay cut to be there and protect you.  Trust me, you were well protected.  I am well-trained and have a work ethic that few will ever achieve.  I’m proud of what I have done.  I do my job so well you don’t even think about the dangers surrounding you.  You don’t need to because I pledged my life to keep you safe.  I stand proud in my polished and pressed business suit before the American Flag.  I’m a U.S. Military Veteran.

I’ve been there since the militias that fought to form our Nation from the British Empire.  I gave my life, fighting my brother in the civil war.  I was there in WWI in the bunkers in Europe.  I was there in WWII, in Europe and the Pacific. I was there in Korea braving the elements.  I spent time in the Vietnam jungles. I was in Bosnia, the Panama Canal and the Middle East.  I was in New Orleans when the levies broke.  I was in New York when the Towers  Fell.  I have been there for as long as you have lived and will continue being there for many years to come.  I give my life for you yet you know me only as a foot note in the news scroll on your browser.  I face IEDs and come home broken and battered, too painful for you to look.  You don’t know me, but I’m here.  I’ll be here 24 hours a day 365 days a year in any weather in any conditions.  If you call I will respond.  I’m here to protect you and I take my job very seriously. I’m proud to be a member of the U.S. Military.

This Monday, November 11 is Veterans Day.  Veterans Day was first proclaimed as Armistice Day by Woodrow Wilson in 1919 and then made an official American Holiday in 1926.  WWI ended in the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1919.  Armistice Day was originally a celebration of the end of WWI.  It is now a holiday to celebrate the service of all U.S. Military Veterans.   I think Churchill’s famous words about the RAF Pilots in the Battle of Britain fit well, “Never was so much, owed by so many to so few”. 

To all of our veterans, both young and old  THANK YOU  from myself and the team at Ebsco.  You really are our heroes.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go say thank you to a couple of vets working with me today.

Just Saying…..

Todd Pfeifer

About Ebsco Spring Company

Ebsco Spring Company manufactures precision springs. Ebsco Spring was established in 1941 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Ebsco Spring manufactures custom springs for a wide variety of industries including fluid power, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, medical and others.

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