At Ebsco we start our work day at 6am.  I usually try to come in at 5am to 5:30.  Before you start groaning, hear me out.  Think about the calm and quiet of the morning.  Think about no traffic!!! Think about how peaceful it is.  Any better?  Okay I’ll go one better, think about being there to greet the sunrise everyday.

As the sky begins to lighten there is an anticipation, a hope for what the new day will bring.  If you are lucky, a few thin scattered clouds will greet the sun and set off fireworks across the Eastern sky.  As it gets a little higher you get a touch of the warmth of the sun, pushing back the chill and the darkness.  It really is awe-inspiring.  As much as I love the sunrises, my Blog is not specifically about that.  It’s about our individual “sunrise” each day.

The sun arises everyday, not knowing if it will face clear skies or clouds. The sun has no idea if it will be cold or hot.  Are people bundled up waiting for its warming rays?Regardless the sun rises everyday.  Like the sun we wake up daily (or at least we hope we do) to face absolute uncertainty.  Will it be too cold or hot out?  What is the commute going to be, another idiot running into the wall and shutting down the expressway?  The boss going to be in a good or bad mood?  Is all of your team going to show up for work?  Is the machine you repaired yesterday going to fail again today? What is your day going to be like?

Would you be surprised if I told you that you can control your day?  No, not the accident on the highway or the temperature, but as a whole take control of your day.  You can!  You can be your own umbrella, shielding yourself from the torrential down pour of negative events and actually protect others while you are at it.  Your positive attitude can shield you from the negative you face everyday and often spill on to others.  Your perspective, that you control is the key.

No one wants to have a bad day.  Why not decide to have a good one?  You woke up didn’t you?  That is a pretty good start.  DO you have food to eat?  If so you are on a roll.  Have a job to go to?  Now things are really looking up.  Have a car or way to get to work?  This is starting out a fantastic day.  Car wreck and stuck in traffic?  Great time to listen to that new CD you made (or play list on your I-something).  Boss grumbling and in a bad mood when you arrive?  See what happens when you walk up with a big smile and say “Morning Boss”  “We’re going to kick some #$$ today!”  Chances are you might see a little smile and at the least they will leave you alone.  People in bad moods have to stay away from good moods because it might be catching.

I start my day excited about all the things I think I am going to accomplish that day.  No,  It usually doesn’t turn out as I planned it, it’s usually better with new opportunities that I had not even imagined. I don’t come in expecting to hit the lottery when I didn’t even buy a ticket.  That would be one for the men in white suits.  I’m realistic but positive.  It’s easy to become so entitled that you start looking at the great things that happen everyday as owed to you.  They’re not.  They are blessings. The fact that you woke up is the first one of the day.

So when you wake tomorrow, decide you are going to have a great day.  Picture all of the good things that are going to happen.  Notice all of the good things you have been taking for granted.  Share your good day with others and let them share theirs with you.  It’s time for a new sunrise.

Now if you will excuse me, it’s 7am and I want to go out and watch the sunrise.

Just saying………

Todd Pfeifer


About Ebsco Spring Company

Ebsco Spring Company manufactures precision springs. Ebsco Spring was established in 1941 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Ebsco Spring manufactures custom springs for a wide variety of industries including fluid power, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, medical and others.

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