ebsco TeamIt was a great week at Ebsco last week. On time delivery is maintaining at over 98% which I’m very excited about. This is a goal that we have been working toward for the past two years and our efforts are paying off.  A recently added new customer which will become a significant account began sending orders in this week.  We met with a large customer on Thursday that committed all of their spring business to Ebsco.  Our partnership with both of these companies will have a dramatic impact on sales and profits in the years to come.  Any one of these alone would have been enough to call it a good week but they weren’t the best thing that happened.


On Thursday, a spouse of one of Ebsco’s newer team members dropped by to pick up his pay check.  aAMs. Dooley, the boss and myself were in the lobby when she came in.  She told us how much her husband loved working at Ebsco.  She talked about the family environment at Ebsco and how much it meant to him.  We talked for half and hour and both her and her daughter talked about things her husband had shared with them about Ebsco.  They knew so much about Ebsco you would think they worked their.  It was obvious that the new job at Ebsco had been a major conversation topic in their home.  The bottom line was her husband loved working at Ebsco.


I’ve blogged about new equipment, second shifts, new processes, lean techniques and several other exciting things that have happened at Ebsco.  After our conversation on Thursday, it brought home the reality that none of that means anything without the great team we have at Ebsco.  None of the initiatives and changes would have happened if not for the people who make them happen.  Without a doubt, this was the best thing that happened last week.  If you don’t have people to make it happen, the best ideas in the world mean nothing,  My goal has always been that every employee, when waking up in the morning, may not want to get up early and go to work, but since they must have a job I hope they will be able to say “since I must have a job, I’m glad my job is at Ebsco”.  After talking with the two of them I realized that we were having some success.


When you look at successful leaders, and wonder what their secret is, I can confidently tell you that they know how to treat the people they lead.  They know how to create an environment that people want to work in, communicate their vision to everyone and allow people to succeed.  It’s that simple.  So if you are in a leadership position and are struggling to find the “thing” that will make your organization a success,  Here it is

It’s People, Stupid.

I am very proud of the people we have at Ebsco and honestly love working with them.  They make me successful.  I have strived to create that environment for them, help Ms. Dooley convey her vision for our future and then provide them the tools they need to make it happen.  Since I can’t make springs, without them, I would have nothing.  Afer talking with our guests on Thursday I feel we have had some success creating that environment at Ebsco.  I hope all of the Ebsco team feel the same way about working at Ebsco and know how proud I am, working with them.

The Ebsco team is one of the best. I would put them against any other manufacturing group out there

Thanks Ebsco Team. image



About Ebsco Spring Company

Ebsco Spring Company manufactures precision springs. Ebsco Spring was established in 1941 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Ebsco Spring manufactures custom springs for a wide variety of industries including fluid power, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, medical and others.

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  1. charnickdav says:

    I’ve never felt such a feeling of success as when this wife talked about how happy her husband is working at Ebsco. This is my dream come true. Cheryl Dooley


  2. asalesrep says:

    Great post.

    Financial incentives are not enough to motivate employees.

    Instead, employers should pay greater attention to intrinsic motivation. That means designing jobs that provide opportunities to make choices, develop skills, do work that matters and build meaningful interpersonal connections.

    You can also find some effective tools that could boost your employee morale.

    Some I would recommend are:

    http://www.globoforce.com or a sales contest software: http://www.monitae.com


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