“BUY MY SPRINGS, BUY MY SPRINGS” was the marketing approach of the barkers on the street corners in the 1700’s. “BUY MY …” shouted at the top of their lungs for the entire village to hear.  The town criers announced the news and advertised their wares by word of a BIG mouth.  As we review our marketing program at Ebsco, I wished things could be so simple today.

At Ebsco, we have focused the past two years on expanding our capabilities and product offerings, decreasing our lead times and establishing an industry leading on time delivery, while maintaining the quality that built Ebsco’s reputation.  We have made great strides and now are looking for our “barkers” to spread the word.  Only if all of our customers were in ear shot of what we have to say.  The problem lies in that they are not.  Our market spans the globe.  So how do we spread our word, “Buy my springs”?

Marketing in the 2000’s requires a balanced approach utilizing multiple channels.  Traditional channels such as trade publications, trade shows and direct mail still have a place in Ebsco’s marketing plan. The internet and social media has become such a force they must play a major role in our plans.

Trade shows offer the opportunity for face to face encounters with industry specific buyers that are looking for new vendors.  We are targeting select trade shows to spread our message.  Within the giant arenas and exposition buildings you might just here one of the Ebsco team calling out “Buy my springs”.  Our challenge with trade shows is that Ebsco serves several , diverse industries.  Making every trade show would require a full-time staff.  We are forced to pick and choose which trade shows we will attend.  Attending trade shows require resources, both time and money.  Planing and executing a trade show may require weeks worth of our staff’s time. The bottom line is that trade shows are important but can’t be the only tool.   Direct mail is a less personal approach.  We will utilize it to spread the word of our Spring Design Forum and other cutting edge tools we have developed for customers.  The key here is a direct mailing should always be followed up by direct contact of some sort.  The mailing is nothing more than an introduction that is often cast aside. Trade Journals and publications have also been a part of Ebsco’s past marketing plans. We look less to this channel due to it isolated distribution. Ebsco serves so many individual industries that the number of trade publications is prohibitive.

The internet and social media has seen enormous growth as a marketing vehicle in the past few years.  At Ebsco, we employee a full-time person to maximize our resources in this area. She has done a great job taking Ebsco into the 21st century.   Maintaining web sites, social media sites and working with SEO firms to create the impact we want is a full-time job.  I am very proud of our marketing efforts on the web and feel that Ebsco is ahead of the competition in this arena.  As social marketing and the internet continue to be refined and grow in importance, Ebsco will be standing at the front of the line to reap the benefits.  Ebsco has placed itself at the corner of Main and Main streets on the world-wide web, calling out “Buy my springs”.

With all of the choices and competition, marketing has become a complex part of doing business.  Our CEO, Cheryl Dooley has made a major commitment to marketing and driving our call “Buy my springs” across the globe.  We have an effective plan and the right people to execute it.  But with all the investment and all the effort the one truth that has never changed is…. Word of mouth is always the best marketing tool.  As engineers move from one company to another they become our “barkers”.  They call out in their new companies “Buy Ebsco’s Springs”.  They seek out our quality and personal commitment they experienced at their previous companies in their new organization.  Our quality and service has established itself as our leading seller.  We will continue to attend shows, send mailings, tweet and Facebook.  We will make sales calls and maintain our website for everyone to see.  But beyond all of that, Ebsco will continue to make the BEST springs available matched with world-class service.  That is number one on my list for Ebsco’s marketing plan.

So watch for us at the Trade Shows, look us up on the Web and the social media channels and watch for our mailings,  but……If  you happen to drive by the intersection of 61st and Memorial in Tulsa, and see a big guy standing at the corner yelling “BUY MY SPRINGS” you’ll know that everything else didn’t work and I have a new position at Ebsco.  So PLEASE  BUY MY SPRINGS.



About Ebsco Spring Company

Ebsco Spring Company manufactures precision springs. Ebsco Spring was established in 1941 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Ebsco Spring manufactures custom springs for a wide variety of industries including fluid power, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, medical and others.

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