I’m sitting here at my lap top, on Sunday beginning my rehabilitation from knee replacement surgery last Wednesday.  It is a daunting challenge considering I am having the other knee replaced in five weeks.  Considering everything, I am quiet comfortable, somewhat courtesy of Walgreens I’m sure, if you know what I mean.  When I left work last Tuesday I met with the production supervisors and handed off the few tasks I personally attend to.  I am confident in the production team in covering my absence.  Ebsco prospered before me and it will do the same while I’m out.

My concern is selfish. What am I going to do with myself during the rehab. the focus of my job at Ebsco is serving the talented people who make the springs.  With the help of our IT Manager Priscilla, I will be able to work from my lap top here at home.  My apprehension is in loosing touch.  How do I stay “tuned in” working from home.

In my pre-op appointment with my surgeon I asked how long I would need to take off from work.  I was expecting two weeks and a return to at least part-time.  Considering this, you can imagine my shock when she told me their standard answer is five weeks.  FIVE WEEKS?  I go back for my second surgery in five weeks.  That means I will be out for TEN WEEKS!  That’s 20% of the year!  With a little further communication my physician agreed they would be flexible with this and I could get back sooner than five weeks.

If I’m confident in the team, why would my time out be such a concern for me.  If you are a follower of my Blog, you know I attribute everything to the team.  I am simply a facilitator.  I have been given a taller seat, like the line judge at the tennis match.  When one of our team members comes in with an idea I can see the potential impact across the entire court of play.  I can let the other players know what is going to happen and make sure everyone knows the score.  How can I do that if I’m unable to climb up to my chair?  The answer, let the production team use my chair.  As I previously mentioned, I have total confidence in the production management team, with good reason.  I need to let them borrow my chair. (No Jason, I’m not talking about my Corvette office chair)  With the managers in the tall chair and great communication back to me no one should even know I’m gone.

While this is the obvious solution to our situation it will serve Ebsco in a much wider manner. Our President, Cheryl has had an intense focus on a succession plan for Ebsco’s future.  She has asked me to train the production manager’s so they will have the tools they need to take the reins in the future.  Allowing them to take this position, in my absence serves to prepare them for that future.  Who would have thought a simple knee replacement would serve as a major training opportunity for Ebsco’s future.

About Ebsco Spring Company

Ebsco Spring Company manufactures precision springs. Ebsco Spring was established in 1941 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Ebsco Spring manufactures custom springs for a wide variety of industries including fluid power, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, medical and others.

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  1. charnickdav says:

    You SURE you can trust the production team? I heard they are trying to take your job so don’t stay away too long;)


  2. Jason says:

    I broke that chair on the first day. It was an accident. FYI.


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