If you post a Blog does that mean you are a published “Author”?

I would imagine the answer depends on the person answering the question.

Can’t you imagine Emerson, Hemingway and Dickens spinning in their graves over some of the stories published in Blogs.

Many Bloggers are college literature or journalism students.  I bet they really hate the rest of us taken up all this space in the internet.  I mean they are spending a hundred thousand dollars to be taught to be great authors and writers.  Maybe they are the chosen ones.  But wait, they have little experience so young in life and are yet to become jaded.  Can they be great authors without life experience.  Hopefully, at the least, their punctuation and spelling will be correct and a much easier read than the rest of us.

So what does make a great author.  I hope it’s not punctuation and such or I have failed long before I started here today.  Is it the number of people who read their writing?  If so there are hundreds of “great authors” blogging on the web about how their day is going and nothing else.  I don’t imagine any of their writings will change someones life or touch someones spirit, but what do I know.  I have ten people following me as of today (and damn glad I have them) plus my wife who never got around to following my blog but reads it every week.  Does that make me an author?  Is their some organization out there that determines what is great literature and what is drivel?   If so who are these great thinkers and what qualifications do they have to inform the rest of us what is great and what is not?

Blogging is definitely the Wild Wild West of writing.  No publishers or editors just millions of us “writers” putting out anything that comes to our mind.  If that doesn’t scare you nothing will.

I have my own conspiracy theory on the Web and Blogging.  I’m somewhat fearful I will disappear off the face of the Earth if I publish this but I feel I must as a journalist.  WOW  I really feel important now.  I have now not only pissed off Authors all over the world but journalist too.

My theory is similar to the movie “Trading Places”  In “Trading Places” two insanely wealthy wall street tycoons, played by Don Ameche and Ralph Belemy, make a one dollar bet concerning nature versus nurture.  To prove their argument they secretly forced a swap between a street wise beggar/con-man, played by Eddie Murphy and the CEO of a giant Wall Street firm, played by Dan Aykroid.

In my theory we begin with a conversation between Microsoft founder, Bill Gates and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.  Somehow in their discussion the “INFINITE MONKEY THEOREM” comes up.  The Infinite Monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys ar random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the completed works of William Shakespeare.  A disagreement develops over the possibility of the theorem.  obviously these two rich competitive men cannot allow this to end as a “we agree to disagree”.  Someone must be right and it most be proven.  The two business titans stack their fortunes behind development of the web and pursuit of blogging and soon millions had launched their personal blogs, infinite hitting keys on their keyboards, desperately looking for something to say.  The Monkeys… I mean Bloggers pound away night and day as the two business men waited for them to produce something of merit.  I believe we bloggers are Bill Gates Monkeys of the Infinite Monkey theorem.   After this is published, if you don’t here from me again, call a Dana Skully at the FBI. She will know what to do.

I began this blog writing about management theory and the real application of that theory, sharing my insights, victories and my defeats.  I had zero followers.  I published a couple of Blogs that were Seinfeldish.  Topics that had no real consequence.  They were simple observations of the obscure details we often fail to notice.  I like to call them “Something About Nothing For Anyone”.  After writing these I now have fifteen followers.  FIFTEEN.  I write about something and get nothing but write about nothing and get something.  Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled I have readers and really do enjoy writing about nothing.   In the spirit of the Wild Wild Web, I use Wikipedia as my source on everything.  I figure if I’m writing about nothing, it is only right that my technical source is an encyclopedia written by anyone about anything.  It just seems to fit.

So now I have followers.  I feel like I owe them something.  If they were here I could take them for coffee, but they are not.  I’m not sure they would consider my autograph worth anything (unless it’s on a check) so that doesn’t work.  Am I obligated to continue blogging now since I have followers.  Do I have a mandate from my followers to continue testing the Infinite Monkey theorem and produce my self-proclaimed insightful works on nothing?, key words ‘Self Proclaimed”.  Im not sure why writing these blogs, both management and Seinfeldish is so important to me, but they are.

After this blog I anticipate more followers.  Because it is a great piece of literature?  Of course not, I’ve read it too.  Because I’ve hit some Big time Tags words.  X-Factor with Skully, and Conspiracy worth several new followers in itself.  So welcome new followers.  I hope not to disappoint.
I will promise all who read one thing;

If you keep reading them, I’ll keep writing them (actually I’ll write them even if you don’t read them but it’s a lot more fun this way)

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Ebsco Spring Company manufactures precision springs. Ebsco Spring was established in 1941 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Ebsco Spring manufactures custom springs for a wide variety of industries including fluid power, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, medical and others.

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  1. Laura Noble says:

    Time to cut back on the pain meds???😜


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