I find myself in a bit of a dilemma writing my Blog this week.

The SEO side of the blog wants me to write a blog about keyword or tag items.  They want me to mention them a lot  SPRINGS and use them over and over SPRING MANUFACTURER. They want me to load this article up with COMPRESSION SPRINGS and WIRE FORMS that the search engines, what ever those are, seek out.  The SEO side doesn’t really care about content EXTENSION SPRINGS just the words. With my great literary ability I slid all those tags by you completely unnoticed,  right?

Now on the other hand the Blogger advocates and books want me to write interesting, exciting, captivating content.  Content that draws readers in and wont let them go.  Content that starts everyone talking.  SPRINGS?  Seriously,  They want me to make springs interesting, exciting and captivating.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE springs and love being a spring manufacturer.  It pays the bills and is really interesting to the few of us in the business.  To the rest of you….. Not so much.

So that’s my challenge, mentioning SPRING, SPRING MANUFACTURER, COMPRESSION SPRING, EXTENSION SPRINGS and on and on while entertaining you. So here goes nothing.

We’ll start with the obvious.  The Slinky.  The Slinky is fun, right.  Everyone loves the Slinky. In 1943 Richard James, a Navy mechanical engineer was developing springs to support and stabilize sensitive instruments in rough seas.  James accidentally knocked a spring off the top of his work bench and watched it “walk” down the shelves onto a stack of books and to the ground, ending up standing upright.,  The Slinky was born.  Today Slinkys are made of metal and plastic in almost any color you can think of.

How about your computer.  Yea I know,  everything in there is digital electronics, no manual springs.  You might be surprised, holding down fans, doors and other parts very well maybe springs.  The one place you will almost always find them is in your keyboard. Every key I touch on this keyboard has a tiny spring behind it.  Without that spring this blog would read, IIIIIIIII….  That was the first letter I typed.  Without the spring, the key would not have returned, stuck down destined to type “I”s until I pulled it back up.  The page might look interesting but I don’t think it would be very exciting.

Let me try to wow you with spring math.  In your car engine you have valve springs.  If you have a 6 cylinder car and have 4 valves per cylinder, that is 24 valves.  When you drive your car on the highway the engine will turn around 1,500 revolutions per minute or RPMs.  That means that 72,000 times every minute one of those springs is either opening or closing.  Each spring will open and close for every revolution.  If you drive to Dallas, and it takes four hours, 17,080,000 times one of the springs will be opening or closing.  Think how many “Dallas Trips” you’ve made and tell me how those springs are still working. Kinda a modern marvel all though it isn’t that modern.

Since we started traveling, if I may take my literary license and extend our travels to a vacation in St. Thomas.  I really like St. Thomas. Since we are using my literary license (and I’m writing this so I can do anything I want) we can even say we are going there to buy a vacation home,like those people on House Hunters International. but remember our budget is $1.3 million, nothing over.  Seriously, if you’ve watched the show they keep showing 30 and 40 something couples with million dollar budgets for vacation homes.  I really did something wrong in my career. I mean a million for a damn vacation home, how much is their home they live in the rest of the time.. and how do they get that much time off work to go to their vacation home, I mean….  Oh well back to our sponsor, we board our flight and escape springs.  I don’t know of any springs in jet engines, just because I don’t know them doesn’t mean they are not there. Don’t start writing to me about the bypass coupler induction manifold spring,  I don’t care,   It’s a story remember.   But I do know there is springs in the cabin.  We happen to make the springs that hold up the flight attendants jump seats.  We also make springs that help close the lavatory doors.  That’s pretty important. Every time you go in the lavatory and that door slams shut and hits you in the #$$, you can thank us. We also make a few (million) springs that go in hydraulic valves.  The flaps, the ailerons, rudder, landing gear and almost everything that moves is controlled by hydraulics, all with springs in them.   Without springs, that plane is going nowhere.

You arrive in St. Thomas and check in at your 5 star resort hotel.  The flight made you a little sleepy so you lay down to take a nap. Ohhhh that bed feels really good.  Wished yours at home felt this good.  The difference is the mattress and the element that separates the good from the bad is the quality and number of springs in the bed. You can’t even get away from springs in your sleep.

After a short nap you open your I-Pad to check email.  I’m a big I-Phone, I-Pad, I-Cloud, I-Ron (sorry  saw that in a joke and couldn’t resist) type of guy.  I don’t think any of them have springs.  I never opened them up, but I’m pretty sure NO SPRINGS.  What’s the deal Apple. Haven’t springs proved themselves.  Let’s attach one of your ICs to the valve on my car and see if it will make it to Dallas.  Why not take one of your touch screens in a hydraulic cylinder on a 787 to St Thomas and see how it fares.  WHY DID YOU LEAVE OUT SPRINGS APPLE???  I guess if your stuff would last as long as springs do you would never sell the I-Phone 2  3  4  5  and on and on.  I think they’re just a fad anyway.

So that’s my story  SPRING.  Did I captivate you with creative writing SPRING MANUFACTURER enough and excite you with informative content COMPRESSION SPRING.   I feel pretty certain I made my SEO people happy SPRINGY  SPRINGS SPRUNG. 

My blog shared two stories today.  For springs, hopefully a better appreciation by the readers of everything springs do for us.  A glimpse of the importance of springs and in many cases how our lives depend on springs.  For SEO Social Media Blogger types a little over the top commentary on how ridiculous our task is when we seek the holy grail of SEO.  The most important thing is   I hope some of you enjoyed it.



About Ebsco Spring Company

Ebsco Spring Company manufactures precision springs. Ebsco Spring was established in 1941 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Ebsco Spring manufactures custom springs for a wide variety of industries including fluid power, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, medical and others.

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  1. Todd, was reading through some of your posts on ISO certification and can totally relate to the drone of the technical document. We often deal with manufacturers that quote cerification in one standard or another. I often just write them down with the intent of looking them up later. It’s good to see someone putting them in laymans terms.

    I got to this post on SEO, and started to comment and it ended up turning into a lengthy explanation on how SEO works, so I just published it instead. You should take a look, when you’re not busy reading ISO docs.



    • Chris
      I just found your reply I am so stupid on all of this I am having fun writing the articles I am setting different categories so I can seperate the nonsense and the real blogs. I really enjoy writing the nonsense and am starting to get follwers on them


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