I have written in previous Blogs concerning the over use of the word quality.  Do you want “quality” or “real quality” or “the best quality”.   The same thing with precision.  I see business signs, “Precision Imports”, Precision Plumbing” or “Precision Muffler”.  Do you really think the muffler at Precision are any different form the ones at other shops?  Or do the plumbers at Precision really push the snake straighter down the sewer line than other plumbers?  I really don’t think so. Americans tend to do this to words. Much of it comes from our marketing and advertising sector.  They LOVE adjectives and are not real concerned if they honestly fit the company or product, just what emotion it may invoke in the consumer.

This over use and sensationalizing of adjectives struck me last week while doing an orientation with a new employee.  I think it is important to meet with all new employees to let them know what Ebsco Spring stands for and what they can expect as a member of the team.  The new hire asked me if we made springs like the one in their ink pen.  I smiled and said “No, we only make quality precision springs.”  After I said it, all puffed up in pride, I realized those terms were so over used that I had really said nothing to the team member.  They had no more idea of who Ebsco is and what we make than when he walked in the door.

I believe myself to communicate well and realized I had just failed miserably in that instance.  So how do I communicate the difference in Ebsco’s springs.  How do I get someone to truly understand what we manufacturer?  Application and consequences of failure.

Ebsco spring manufacturers springs that are in the U.S. Navy’s F/A 18 fighter.  We have springs in the U.S. (and several allies) F-16 Falcon’s gun control unit.  How do I communicate the quality of our products?  Imagine that pilot over Afghanistan and the spring in their gun control stops working.  They have no weapons.  We have springs in safety valves used in refineries, pipelines and off shore platforms.  If the spring fails and the pressure is not released explosions can occur.  How do I describe what Ebsco Spring does.

Ebsco Spring manufacturers precision, quality springs that have to work the first time and every time or people get hurt.compression springs,extension springs,wire forms, sring company, springs

That does paint a pretty good word picture of what I want to say, but why is it so difficult to describe.  According to “The Global Language Monitor” there are 1,010,649.7 words in the English language as of January 1, 2012.  I’m not sure which word only counts for  .7  but I imagine it’s a sad little word.  I hope someday it can achieve a full word status.  They claim that a new word is created every 98 minutes (and if we include my miss spellings, every paragraph).  You would think with that many words to choose from, I should be able to find the proper adjectives to describe the springs Ebsco manufacture.

With the torrential avalanche of media, everyone is screaming to be heard above the noise (and here I am adding more to the turmoil with this Blog).  We are bombarded with sooo much, that people are stretching descriptions to be heard. “Would you like a large size?,  can I SUPER SIZE that for you?, Would you like a GIANT ROUTE 44?,  May I put that in this convenient 55 gallon drum with trailer hitch for the back of your car? (We’re not there yet but remember you heard it here first).

So what I’m saying as I amble along here trying to be heard is, Let’s all try to get real, and stop over sensationalizing things.  I need to be the first in line for this one.  That way when we do experience something truly spectacular, we can describe it to others and they can experience a little piece of what we did.

All springs are not created equal.  Ebsco Springs are super, incredible, untouchabley unimaginably, unequally,fantastically grandourously, marvelously terrifically superb.      GUESS I STILL HAVE SOME WORK TO DO.

About Ebsco Spring Company

Ebsco Spring Company manufactures precision springs. Ebsco Spring was established in 1941 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Ebsco Spring manufactures custom springs for a wide variety of industries including fluid power, oil and gas, aerospace, defense, medical and others.

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